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Mid-Asian Ibex with Boddington

by Conrad Evarts 3

My mission with this blog is to shed some light on the nooks and crannies of making hunting TV. Whether… more »

A good team.

Hunting Water Buffalo with Craig Boddington

by Conrad Evarts 2

I thought about 25 clever ways to write the tale of me and this buffalo. Finally, I concluded the only… more »


Turbo Charge Your Sleeping Bag

by Conrad Evarts 2

I live in Montana. “Montana” is a Mexican word for “mountain”. You’ll never guess why they picked this name. I’m… more »

Greg Rodriguez in Argentina with a hot shotgun barrel.

Argentina Doves Go Down by the Hundreds in PHTV Clip

by Conrad Evarts 4

Some shows are so packed that even great segments are discarded and end up on the virtual cutting room floor…. more »

Much lighter and less expensive than a backcountry portable electric fence for bears.

The CAPSS by Brite-Stike Keeps Me Safe in Bear Country

by Conrad Evarts 1

Here’s a quick look at a product that helps me sleep here in bear country. It’s called the CAPSS (Camp… more »


Flip-Flops Beat Bad Boots

by Conrad Evarts 3

While packing for a weekend of scouting I threw a pair of high-budge boots in the truck. I used them… more »


Family Time: The Joys of Daddy/Daughter “Wabbit” Hunting

by Conrad Evarts 5

I’m a hunter by culture and by practice. My daughter Alyssa is a hard-wired hunter. I know this because the… more »

A monkey on my back beats a deadly microorganism in my GI tract.

Hardcore Field Test of Aquapure Traveller Water Filtration System

by Conrad Evarts 2

I rarely recommend products. I should because I spend months in the field every year. I destroy backpacks, boots and… more »


Lucky Day for me on the Island of Mallorca de Palma

by Conrad Evarts 4

It’s the spring of the Spanish goat for me this year. It seems like an odd time of year to… more »

2. I Can Smoke on the Job

Why a Hunting Cameraman’s Job is Better Than Yours

by Conrad Evarts 11

How do I know my job is better than yours? First, everyone tells me so. Second, if it’s blue collar,… more »

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