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Not only is a 202-inch buck memorable, but how many people can say they've had a pack of coyotes chase a buck right to you?

VIDEO: Pack of Coyotes Push a 200-inch Buck Into Bow Range

by Melissa Bachman 25

There are certain moments in a hunter’s lifetime they will never forget.  The reasons vary from person to person, situation-to-situation… more »


6 Fun Summer Hunts

by Ben OBrien 3

by Hunting Staff If you are a hardcore hunter, summer is the one time you get a slight break. From… more »

One down, 450 million to go...

Dog Days of…Winter? Illinois Song Dogs Prove To Be A Tough Hunt

by Skip Knowles 3

As swampy, sticky, itchy June heat and deep summer settle in, it’s almost pleasant to think about the blue toes… more »

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