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Mid-Asian Ibex with Boddington

by Conrad Evarts 3

My mission with this blog is to shed some light on the nooks and crannies of making hunting TV. Whether… more »

A good team.

Hunting Water Buffalo with Craig Boddington

by Conrad Evarts 2

I thought about 25 clever ways to write the tale of me and this buffalo. Finally, I concluded the only… more »


Who Was the World’s Greatest Hunter?

by Craig Boddington 25

A colleague of mine stated that he wishes to be remembered as the world’s greatest hunter. That’s a pretty lofty… more »


Lucky Day for me on the Island of Mallorca de Palma

by Conrad Evarts 4

It’s the spring of the Spanish goat for me this year. It seems like an odd time of year to… more »

500 of these later, Boddington knows his gate latch.

Boddington demos a lever action gate.

by Conrad Evarts 4

Boddington is a gate guy. He doesn’t shirk this duty. Most of the time when the truck we’re in approaches… more »

Craig Boddington, closing another day of glassing a valley near the Pacific Ocean.

I Wanna’ Give You This Photo of Boddington

by Conrad Evarts 4

This was one of those moments where my job is spectacular. We hunted sambar hard all day on a beautiful… more »


Craig Boddington’s Top 10 North American Trophies

by Craig Boddington 2

This is not an easy selection! My thinking is the “best of the best” need to have some combination of… more »

When I miss Romania, this is where I end up.

Romanian Rigamarole

by Conrad Evarts 5

Craig Boddington and I flew to Romania a few years ago to hunt Carpathian Chamois. No, wait, Boddington hunted chamois…. more »

Picture 5

Carpathian Chamois Hunting In Transylvania

by Brock Norman 1

Craig Boddington heads to Transylvania to hunt Carpathian Chamois in high and tough country. The real “hunt” begins after Boddington… more »

Mike Slack's Coues Deer. The Legendary Kelso is Bottom Right.

My Favorite Shots Made by my Boys

by Conrad Evarts 0

Schoby asked me to punch out a tale of the best shots I’ve seen in my years with Petersen’s Hunting… more »

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