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Family Time: The Joys of Daddy/Daughter “Wabbit” Hunting

by Conrad Evarts 5

I’m a hunter by culture and by practice. My daughter Alyssa is a hard-wired hunter. I know this because the… more »


VIDEO: CZ 550 Safari Magnum gets it done on a South Africa Eland Hunt

by PHTV Adventures 3

Petersen’s Hunting Publisher Kevin Steele and CZ-USA’s Jason Morton experience a South Africa Eland hunt while on safari. Kevin is… more »

Never Taken a Kid to the Range? Watch this.

by Conrad Evarts 1

I thought I grew up hunting until I started prepping my daughter for elk hunting. Often times we don’t know… more »

Prepping a Girl for Her First Elk Hunt: FAIL

by Conrad Evarts 2

I may be an idiot, but at least I’m dumb enough to keep trying. Alyssa and I spent last Sunday… more »

Alyssa with her other CZ USA youth rifle.

Prepping a Girl for her First Elk Hunt: Rifle and Ammo Selection

by Conrad Evarts 4

This blog fits into the series: “Prepping a Girl for her First Elk Hunt”. I hunted as a kid, but… more »


VIDEO: Greenland Muskox Hunt

by PHTV Adventures 2

Majestic fjords provide the backdrop for a summertime Greenland muskox hunt for Craig Boddington.

Picture 14

Colorado Cougar Hunting

by Brock Norman 3

Petersen’s Hunting Editor Mike Schoby and CZ-USA President Alice Pulochova hunt cougar with a Dan Wesson .45 near Rifle, Colorado.

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