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A good team.

Hunting Water Buffalo with Craig Boddington

by Conrad Evarts 2

I thought about 25 clever ways to write the tale of me and this buffalo. Finally, I concluded the only… more »

Dan Richards

California Fish & Game President Ousted Over Legal Hunting

by Dylan Polk 17

Back in February, we brought you the story of Dan Richards, then-president of the California Fish & Game Commission, who… more »

Mama grizzly and cub

Les Stroud: How to Survive When Facing a Predator in the Wild

by Les Stroud 4

Nothing gets as much play in the media as people getting mauled or killed by animals. And while it may… more »

Brandon Arnold

Man Fights Off Mountain Lion with Frying Pan

by PH Online Editors 19

Wildlife experts frequently remind campers, hunters and hikers what to do should they encounter a mountain lion. Hitting the big… more »

American Black Bear

Bear Saves Hiker from Mountain Lion Attack

by Dylan Polk 11

We don’t expect humans to be bears’ best friends. After all, hunts like this don’t exactly say, “Let’s be friends!”… more »

Donald Trump Jr

Exclusive Update: Zimbabwe Authorities Refute Allegations of Trumps’ Illegal Hunt

by Dylan Polk 181

On Monday, we reported on the criticism facing Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump after photos of the brothers’ 2010… more »

Buddy Chapel

Principal Removes Hunting Trophies Amid Controversy

by Dylan Polk 21

Chances are your office pales in comparison to Petersen’s Hunting editor-in-chief Mike Schoby’s. An accomplished globetrotter, Schoby’s office is covered… more »

Boddington Bear

10 Most Extreme Hunts in the World

by Doug Howlett 3

While mothers everywhere often fret over letting their children march off into the wilderness with their husbands or worry they’ll… more »


8 Scariest Moments in Hunting

by Bob Robb 10

When hunting, I am often reminded of one of Gen. George Patton’s more famous quotes: “The object of war is… more »

$40 to have a 92% chance of deterring an aggressive bear.

Is Your Life Worth $40 in Griz Country?

by Conrad Evarts 8

Brian Matayoshi would likely be alive today if he carried a $40 canister of bear repellent spray on Wednesday. According… more »

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