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Hunting Traditions: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

by Doug Howlett 6

With hunting being such a long-standing, time-honored tradition in this country and around the world, it only stands to reason… more »


10 Turkey Hunting Tips for the Desperate Beak Buster

by Doug Howlett 14

Turkey season, spring’s best game in town, is once again upon us. We start with high hopes, but I wonder… more »


Preseason Prepping: Prepare Your Hunting Land Now

by Doug Howlett 4

The mercury is soaring, but cooler deer hunting weather will be here in no time, which means now is when… more »

5_Class VI Mountain River

9 Ways to Turn Your Hunt into a Family Vacation

by Doug Howlett 0

So much to do, so little time—particularly for the family man (or woman) who loves the outdoors. Besides holding down… more »


7 Ways You Can Punk PETA

by Doug Howlett 65

PETA’s efforts to sway public opinion to “their” side of thinking over the years would be humorous if it wasn’t… more »


10 Quality Deer Rifles for Under $500

by Doug Howlett 7

The price of gas is again soaring, and with it the cost of groceries, raw materials and any thing else… more »

Deer foot lamp_crop

9 Craziest Craigslist Hunting Items

by Doug Howlett 3

The Internet has opened a wide door to a new age in the old flea market and yard sale concept… more »

Boddington Bear

10 Most Extreme Hunts in the World

by Doug Howlett 3

While mothers everywhere often fret over letting their children march off into the wilderness with their husbands or worry they’ll… more »


8 Dumbest Game Laws on the Books

by Doug Howlett 28

The lists are long and ludicrous of laws that have been passed around the country over the ages and that… more »


13 Hunting Slang Terms You Should Stop Using

by Doug Howlett 39

Since first appearing in 1893 as a derogatory term to describe less educated, rural, lower-class Southern whites, the word “redneck”… more »

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