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How to Prepare for Treestand Hunting Success

by Melissa Bachman 2

As the whitetail season draws near and my days of spot-and-stalk hunting mule deer and elk are winding down­­, and … more »

Mule Deer Frontal

Early Season Mule Deer

by Melissa Bachman 0

I enjoy hunting mule deer in a variety of ways but as I strategize for my afternoon hunt I can’t… more »

Bachman MT 152webSMALL

Hunting Season Begins in Montana

by Melissa Bachman 5

After months of waiting for my hunts to begin my fall is officially here.  For me the toughest part of… more »

Post Mount with MB small

Summer Buck Inventory Begins!

by Melissa Bachman 1

It’s been a little over a month since I put my Cuddeback’s out and this weekend I felt like a… more »

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