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Grizzly bear

Should We Hunt Grizzly Bears?

by David Hart 20

A Nevada hunter was the third person harmed by a grizzly bear this year, prompting some to ask if it’s… more »


Nevada Man Killed in Grizzly Bear Attack

by Ben OBrien 15

A Nevada man has died from injuries suffered during a grizzly bear attack that occurred Friday near the North Idaho-Montana… more »


Montana Bowhunters Reportedly Kill Grizzly Bear In Self-Defense

by Ben OBrien 1

While most bowhunters prefer to do their hunting with stick and string, two Montana bowhunters are probably thankful that they… more »


Craig Boddington’s Top 10 North American Trophies

by Craig Boddington 2

This is not an easy selection! My thinking is the “best of the best” need to have some combination of… more »


Grizzly Bear with Cubs Mauls/Kills Yellowstone Hiker

by Ben OBrien 18

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK — A 57-year-old hiker was killed Wednesday morning in Yellowstone National Park when he and his wife… more »

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