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2012 Big Game Roundup

by Greg Rodriguez 2

Last year proved to be a much better year than some of the folks I interviewed for the 2011 forecast… more »

Mama grizzly and cub

Les Stroud: How to Survive When Facing a Predator in the Wild

by Les Stroud 4

Nothing gets as much play in the media as people getting mauled or killed by animals. And while it may… more »

Boddington Bear

10 Most Extreme Hunts in the World

by Doug Howlett 3

While mothers everywhere often fret over letting their children march off into the wilderness with their husbands or worry they’ll… more »

Grizzly bear

Should We Hunt Grizzly Bears?

by David Hart 20

A Nevada hunter was the third person harmed by a grizzly bear this year, prompting some to ask if it’s… more »


20 Questions with NFL Star Adam Vinatieri

by Skip Knowles 0

Adam Vinatieri may be known more for his clutch field goal kicks in the National Football League, but not everyone… more »

a grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park from our 2009 visit.

Palin Sends Wrong Message About Wilderness Bear Safety

by Conrad Evarts 26

Television is a very powerful medium. With that power comes responsibility. Turbogunnut, Sarah Palin is a moron when it comes… more »

Sometimes bears need a gentle reminder as to who the apex predator is.

Ignorance and Death – Grizzly Attack

by Conrad Evarts 6

People die in the wilderness. It is not a mall. Wild places are not safe and this is one of… more »

"Hey Boo Boo, let's have some raviolis. And then go Keith Moon on this camp looking for more!"

Bears, Brains and Watermelons

by Conrad Evarts 2

I live in Montana and I’m scared of grizzly bears. There I said it. Not during the day because I’m… more »

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