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Poachers Shot at by Landowner, Win “Is This Still On?” Award

by PH Online Editors 0

We’ve seen a lot of bizarre stories come across our screens, but this tall tale from Texas has to rank… more »


South African Cops Poach Bushbuck, Get Protect & Serve Award

by PH Online Editors 0

Generally speaking, we have no qualms with our local law enforcement agencies. After all, they’re the ones who ultimately publicly… more »

Busted poacher

Dumb Poacher Caught Red-Handed by Camera

by Skip Knowles 2

The shortest investigation in the history of poachers occurred when lifelong Wildfowl reader Charlie Long was out shooting snow goose… more »

Rhino Horn Smuggling

Rhino Horn Ring Broken Up by Federal Agents

by Dylan Polk 2

Poaching has taken its toll on the black rhinoceros in recent years, with populations dwindling and pushing the species to… more »

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