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How to Adapt Your Survival Kit to Your Destination

by Les Stroud 0

Think of your complete survival kit as something that should evolve and change according to your needs, rather than as… more »


Stroud on Survival: How to Avoid Poisonous Plants in the Wild

by Les Stroud 0

As those of us who have suffered through a bout of poison ivy can attest, coming into contact with a… more »


Lost in the Wild: How to Select a Site for Your Shelter

by Les Stroud 1

The first decision you’ll make with regard to a shelter — no matter how long you think you’ll need it… more »

Photo by Laura Bombier

Surviving in the Wild: To Move or Not to Move?

by Les Stroud 3

Many people — particularly those who have attended survival classes — have had it drummed into their heads by their… more »

Mama grizzly and cub

Les Stroud: How to Survive When Facing a Predator in the Wild

by Les Stroud 4

Nothing gets as much play in the media as people getting mauled or killed by animals. And while it may… more »

Les Stroud

Les Stroud’s Six Ways to Avoid Killer Insects and Snakes

by Les Stroud 3

Creepy crawlies are all those stinging and biting creatures that give most of us the shivers. This group includes snakes,… more »

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