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Exciting New Bows for 2012

by PH Online Editors 5

Now that we’re comfortably into the New Year, it’s time to take a look at some of the new bows… more »

Bachman 2011 Colorado 176 Mule Deer in Velvet

VIDEO: 11-Day Hunt Ends in Early Season Giant!

by Melissa Bachman 18

Last week I posted a photo of a high-racked mule deer that I was hunting in Colorado.  This buck proved… more »


Customize Your Bow

by Melissa Bachman 5

As you go through your gear for the upcoming hunting season, you may wonder what you can do to either… more »

bachman coming in with kayak

Alaskan Bear Hunt: Tent, Kayak, & A Blinged Out Bow

by Melissa Bachman 1

It’s no secret that if I could pick one place to live it would probably be Alaska, and it’s not… more »

Bachman's 2nd Illinois Tom

Last Minute Gobbler

by Melissa Bachman 2

If anyone is still turkey hunting right now you probably know all about hunting educated birds.  These guys are not… more »

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