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HuntMore Chair Melissa

The HuntMore 360-Degree Chair: The Ultimate Ground Blind Chair

by Melissa Bachman 0

I love hunting and filming out of ground blinds, but space can get limited quickly! The No. 1 thing that… more »

Full Draw Bowfishing

Why You Should Care About Bowfishing

by Melissa Bachman 57

Bowhunting is a sport that many of us enjoy year round, but we all get bored with just shooting at… more »


Hunting Big Game with the Rage Xtreme Broadhead

by Melissa Bachman 7

One of the most important things you need to decide as a bowhunter is what type of broadheads you plan… more »


How to Effectively Use Trail Cameras Abroad

by Melissa Bachman 0

When most people think of trail cameras, they automatically think the only use is scouting for whitetail hunting, but I’ve… more »

Tick Spray

How to Stay Tick Free This Spring

by Melissa Bachman 13

Although turkey hunting may be one of my favorite hunts of the year, there is always a little bad with… more »


8 Best Ways to Spend the Hunting Offseason

by Melissa Bachman 6

If you’re anything like me, you probably wish hunting season would never end, but unfortunately it does. The good news… more »

Lady Hunter 2

Video: Savage Lady Hunter Rifle Review

by Melissa Bachman 3

I know we’re all about bows around here, but every once in a while a gun company manufacturers something just… more »

PSR In Action2

Melissa Bachman: The Gear I Could Never Live Without

by Melissa Bachman 7

I like to have a lot of gear with me in the field but there are a few items that… more »


Get Mobile: 12 Best Apps for Bowhunters

by Melissa Bachman 2

Now that my phone is officially full of hunting apps, I wanted to share with you my top 12 apps… more »

Under Armor

VIDEO: Under Armour Footwear Line

by Melissa Bachman 1

When most people think of Under Armour they think of clothes, but now there is also an entire footwear line… more »

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