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Grungy No Hunting Sign

Hunter vs. Hunter: The Battle for Sunday Hunting

by Dylan Polk 63

Let’s be honest: Hunting is not mainstream. I know it sounds blasphemous to say, but in modern society, hunting has… more »

pellet conversion

How to Turn Your Centerfire Rifle into a Pellet Gun

by Mike Schoby 2

I get to review some pretty cool stuff.  But the coolest thing this isn’t some unobtainable custom rifle topped with… more »

Arctic Oven

Staying Warm in a Tent in Late Season

by Mike Schoby 3

Hunting (even with a rough camp) in the late season can be an extremely enjoyable experience. The smell of a… more »

Lion King

Disney Embraces Hunting

by Mike Schoby 6

When I am not in the field hunting, I work long hours in the office much of which is spent… more »


5 Awesome African Bars (AKA Caprivi Shebeens)

by Mike Schoby 6

If you find yourself motoring through the dusty thousand-mile ribbon of nothingness known as the Caprivi Strip (Namibia, Africa) you… more »


VIDEO: Mixed Bag Crossbow Hunting in South Texas

by PHTV Adventures 0

Mike Schoby experiences crossbow hunting at its finest when he’s able to drop a big hog and a javelina shortly… more »

"Are you ready for a war?"

Greatest Photo of Editor Schoby 2011

by Conrad Evarts 1

A picture is worth a bajillion words in this case. Alice “The Boss” Poluchova snapped this one while Mike Schoby… more »

Go Karts fear me.

Rental Car Rally

by Conrad Evarts 4

My weak will to live combined with a poorly calibrated fear instinct are huge assets in my line of work…. more »


Lever Guns, Hitchhiking & Septic Trucks

by Mike Schoby 4

Manitoba Bear Camp—One of the clients in camp has been spotting a decent sized color phase bear.  Blond back, cinnamon… more »

QDM Ruining Hunting?—Readers Respond

by Mike Schoby 5

In the April issue I wrote on the unintended consequences  of QDM and how it has changed whitetail hunting (not… more »

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