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PETA porn site

PETA Launches Salacious Porn Site; How Do We Fight Back?

by Ben OBrien 17

Did you ever imagine an advocacy group would consider famous flesh trader/hedgehog look-a-like Ron Jeremy to be a fine vehicle… more »


7 Ways You Can Punk PETA

by Doug Howlett 65

PETA’s efforts to sway public opinion to “their” side of thinking over the years would be humorous if it wasn’t… more »

Trump brothers

Trump Sons’ Hunt Gains Scrutiny, Investigation

by Dylan Polk 17

UPDATE: Zimbabwe official responds to allegations of illegal hunting by Eric and Donald Trump Jr. Click here for more info…. more »

PETA comic

PETA Kills Animals: Report Says 95 Percent of Pets Slaughtered in 2011

by Dylan Polk 13

It’s no secret how we at Petersen’s Hunting feel about PETA. It’s also no secret that PETA has been known… more »

Shotgun barrel

Help Hunting, Order PETA Stickers

by Mike Schoby 22

It sounds counterintuitive, but joining PETA may be the best thing you can do to save hunting—and your kids. While… more »

I'd Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur

7 Idiotic PETA Campaigns

by Brian Lynn 50

Hailed by followers as the truth and debunked by detractors as extremists, PETA falls short when it comes to common… more »

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