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How to Effectively Use Trail Cameras Abroad

by Melissa Bachman 0

When most people think of trail cameras, they automatically think the only use is scouting for whitetail hunting, but I’ve… more »


What Makes a Good Guide for Hunting TV?

by Conrad Evarts 5

Guides. They can make or break a Petersen’s Hunting TV hunt. I have nothing to do with booking the hunts,… more »


VIDEO: CZ 550 Safari Magnum gets it done on a South Africa Eland Hunt

by PHTV Adventures 3

Petersen’s Hunting Publisher Kevin Steele and CZ-USA’s Jason Morton experience a South Africa Eland hunt while on safari. Kevin is… more »


Boddington’s Quest For A Roosevelt’s Sable

by Ben OBrien 1

In 1837 Cornwallis Harris first described to the western world the wondrous animal we call the sable antelope. No sensible… more »

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