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A monkey on my back beats a deadly microorganism in my GI tract.

Hardcore Field Test of Aquapure Traveller Water Filtration System

by Conrad Evarts 2

I rarely recommend products. I should because I spend months in the field every year. I destroy backpacks, boots and… more »

When I miss Romania, this is where I end up.

Romanian Rigamarole

by Conrad Evarts 5

Craig Boddington and I flew to Romania a few years ago to hunt Carpathian Chamois. No, wait, Boddington hunted chamois…. more »

$40 to have a 92% chance of deterring an aggressive bear.

Is Your Life Worth $40 in Griz Country?

by Conrad Evarts 8

Brian Matayoshi would likely be alive today if he carried a $40 canister of bear repellent spray on Wednesday. According… more »

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