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Bigfoot Caught on Tape…ARRESTED

by Conrad Evarts 3

AMAZING VIDEO OF TROUBLED BIGFOOT AT THE END OF THIS BLOG. The Sasquatch Assimilation Society (S.A.S.) suffered another major setback… more »

Skitch being led away by Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton. Pure anti-sasquatchist oppression

Bigfoot Caught on Tape: County Jail

by Conrad Evarts 0

Skitch, the Mount Helena Sasquatch is making a lot of work for the good hearted and dedicated staff of the… more »

A shameful stereotype of a complex skunk ape. How dare they?

Mt. Helena Sasquatch Wants In

by Conrad Evarts 0

Our groundbreaking work in the struggle against anti-Sasquatchism in America continues. If you are just getting onboard with the equality… more »


“Bigfoot Found” Episode 1: Manifesto

by Conrad Evarts 13

Bigfoot Found Manifesto: In cooperation with the Sasquatch Assimilation Society, I am making a documentary around their integration efforts of… more »

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