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Much lighter and less expensive than a backcountry portable electric fence for bears.

The CAPSS by Brite-Stike Keeps Me Safe in Bear Country

by Conrad Evarts 1

Here’s a quick look at a product that helps me sleep here in bear country. It’s called the CAPSS (Camp… more »


How to Effectively Use Trail Cameras Abroad

by Melissa Bachman 0

When most people think of trail cameras, they automatically think the only use is scouting for whitetail hunting, but I’ve… more »


Flip-Flops Beat Bad Boots

by Conrad Evarts 3

While packing for a weekend of scouting I threw a pair of high-budge boots in the truck. I used them… more »

Post Mount with MB small

Summer Buck Inventory Begins!

by Melissa Bachman 1

It’s been a little over a month since I put my Cuddeback’s out and this weekend I felt like a… more »

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