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How to Manage Game Meat in Your Freezer

by Steven Rinella 5

Responsible hunters should manage the contents of their freezers at least as carefully as they manage the contents of their gun… more »

Cooking meat

Greatest Game Dishes of All Time

by Steven Rinella 1

I’m not going to lie to you. Some of the best wild-game preparations are exceedingly difficult and require a massive… more »

Dick Moves in Hunting

7 Worst Offenses in Hunting Etiquette

by Steven Rinella 21

We define a break in hunting etiquette as “an action by one male to another male friend which violates understood… more »

Survival gear

5 Life-Saving Survival Gear Essentials

by Steven Rinella 11

As a backpack hunter, I don’t think of my survival equipment as strictly emergency materials that might someday come in… more »


Why Everyone Should Eat Road Kill

by Steven Rinella 32

The most memorable piece of road kill I ever ate was a whitetail that my dad hit with his Jeep… more »

Boone: A Biography

8 Books Every Hunter Should Read

by Steven Rinella 13

The subject of hunting has inspired almost as much writing as the subject of love, and it tends to be… more »

Dall's sheep kill

Steven Rinella: Money-Saving Wild Game Cooking Tips

by Steven Rinella 8

Welcome to the first installment of Fare Game, my new blog at We’re going to explore every facet of… more »


How To Cook Meat on a Stick

by Steven Rinella 7

This is a story about a stick, a fire and a dead rabbit. The stick was a willow about as… more »

Rinella is processing this bin of bear meat into summer sausage.

Steven Rinella: The Bear Facts on Trichinosis

by Steven Rinella 2

by Steven Rinella Bear meat is highly edible and can be quite delicious depending on what the bear’s been eating… more »

Teased about the size of this bear skin by his editor, Rinella (left) offered this awesome explanation:  "We were sort of starving on a sheep hunt. We melted some of that bear's fat and drank it, and then fried pieces of its meat in its own oil. It was really good. Those bears eat so many blueberries in the late fall that their fat turns purple." Put  that in your manly manual!

Steven Rinella: Why I Hunt

by Steven Rinella 2

The following is the debut article of Steven Rinella’s Fare Game column, which will appear in each issue of Petersen’s… more »

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