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2. I Can Smoke on the Job

Why a Hunting Cameraman’s Job is Better Than Yours

by Conrad Evarts 11

How do I know my job is better than yours? First, everyone tells me so. Second, if it’s blue collar,… more »

Survival gear

5 Life-Saving Survival Gear Essentials

by Steven Rinella 11

As a backpack hunter, I don’t think of my survival equipment as strictly emergency materials that might someday come in… more »

When I miss Romania, this is where I end up.

Romanian Rigamarole

by Conrad Evarts 5

Craig Boddington and I flew to Romania a few years ago to hunt Carpathian Chamois. No, wait, Boddington hunted chamois…. more »

Does this Swedish child soldier make me look fat?

Lovin’-n-Loathin’ Travel Destinations

by Conrad Evarts 0

For good or bad, “I been everywhere man.” Over the years, I’ve shot video in 24 countries, many repeatedly. I’ve… more »

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