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Weatherby Turkey Shotgun

Introducing the Weatherby SA459 Turkey Shotgun

by PH Online Editors 0

Weatherby is making you a little more invisible to that big tom with its latest semiautomatic shotgun — the Weatherby… more »

Flextone Thunder Gobble

Introducing the Flextone Thunder Gobble Game Call

by PH Online Editors 0

Flextone rolled out two calls in one at SHOT Show 2012 in Las Vegas with its brand new Flextone Thunder… more »

Packing for my next adventure!

by Brittany Boddington 0

The packing gets tricky when you will be jumping from winter to summer! I’m counting down the days until I… more »

Does this Swedish child soldier make me look fat?

Lovin’-n-Loathin’ Travel Destinations

by Conrad Evarts 0

For good or bad, “I been everywhere man.” Over the years, I’ve shot video in 24 countries, many repeatedly. I’ve… more »

Bachman's 2nd Illinois Tom

Last Minute Gobbler

by Melissa Bachman 2

If anyone is still turkey hunting right now you probably know all about hunting educated birds.  These guys are not… more »

Teased about the size of this bear skin by his editor, Rinella (left) offered this awesome explanation:  "We were sort of starving on a sheep hunt. We melted some of that bear's fat and drank it, and then fried pieces of its meat in its own oil. It was really good. Those bears eat so many blueberries in the late fall that their fat turns purple." Put  that in your manly manual!

Steven Rinella: Why I Hunt

by Steven Rinella 2

The following is the debut article of Steven Rinella’s Fare Game column, which will appear in each issue of Petersen’s… more »

When it comes to spring flings, Waddell has never gotten over the glorious thunder chicken. The love affair only gets stronger with time.

Waddell: Get Your Gobble On

by Ben OBrien 1

by Michael Waddell It is sometimes hard these days not to get cast as a particular type of hunter. “Oh,… more »

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