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78-inch pronghorn

How to Field Judge a Pronghorn

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Curls and cutters: picking the perfect pronghorn America’s pronghorn antelope aren’t just cowboy country’s ultimate starter species. They’re tremendously fun… more »

Steve Baxter shooting

Frontier Culture: The Last of the Leatherstockings

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

All outdoorsmen dream of the frontier. A few still live it. Frost Blanketed the Fort Bridger, Wyoming, landscape, and tendrils… more »

Emily Kantner with Axis Buck

Can You Call in Axis Deer?

by Emily Kantner 0

Is calling an effective tactic for hunting axis deer? My freezer full of axis steaks says it is. We touched… more »

Hunter with big buck

Old-School Tactics For Modern Hunters

by Jeff Johnston 0

Technology is great, but basic woodsmanship will lead to more punched tags. While it’s true hunters today are taking more… more »


Deer Week Launches September 17th – Will You Be Watching?

by PH Online Editors 0

Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel kick off Deer Week festivities with a barrage of deer-focused programming for veteran hunters and… more »


Troubleshooting Troublesome Toms

by Mark Kayser 0

If you haven’t had a tom hang up on you, then you either haven’t turkey hunted enough or you have… more »


5 Effective Spring Turkey Scouting Strategies

by Lynn Burkhead 0

By following these five steps of effective turkey scouting, an enterprising hunter can gain a leg up the local competition in terms of tagging a longbeard in the springtime woods

Ozonics’ machines feature rechargeable batteries and shower your scent stream with heavier-than-air ozone molecules that kill or dilute your human scent as it drifts to animals downwind.

Can Scent-Covering Technology Fool a Whitetail’s Nose?

by Jeff Johnston 0

Scent control is one of the most hotly debated topics in deer hunting, but Ozonics portable ozone-generating machines may provide the answer.

Photo 1 HUNP-171100-DIY-001

Deer Meat — How To Butcher Your Own The Easy Way

by Justin Karnoff 0

Deer Meat — How To Butcher Your Own The Easy Way; Follow these five simple steps to get your game from field to freezer the easy way.


How To Know When To Shoot Does

by Jeff Johnston 0

Recently, I’ve heard several well-intended friends proclaim I should take a bunch of does off my hunting property. Weird thing… more »

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