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The Worst Hunting Tips We’ve Ever Heard

by PH Online Editors   |  April 11th, 2012 21

Hunting advice is a wonderful thing. It’s how we pass down knowledge gained from from years of money and time spent on the pursuit of our firearms passion. It’s the core of what we do.

But this pipeline of knowledge is a fragile thing, and let’s be honest, there are a lot of idiots out there screwing it up for the rest of us.

Professional hunting writers, editors and personalities are some of the most avid gun guys and outdoorsmen around, so it stands to reason that they’ve endured as much pompous false knowledge as anybody in the game.

So, we asked our esteemed scribes to chime in with the worst tips they’ve ever heard, be sure to add you’re own below. But until then, beware of what you hear around camp.

  • T. J. Melton

    Just try hunting, not sitting in a tree, in the cost range in California and you will experience wind coming from every possible direction! There in just NO way to hunt into the wind in these conditions. Scent control and cover scent is the only possible answer in this area.

  • Jack W.

    While hunting with a guide in So. OH, my friend shot a great eight point. Just a beautiful deer. The guide suggested slitting his throat to bleed out. My friend did not take the advice, but had the deer mounted. It would have been ruined if he had followed this great "advice."

  • Dave Norris

    I followed the advise of a well known hunter/writer and booked a hunt with "the most famous
    outfitter in Alaska". It turned out to be the worst hunt I ever had. I ended up with a guide who
    had never had a successful client.

  • Greg

    Re. Joseph Von Benedikt's comment: Three years ago I watched a clerk behind the counter of a Wal-Mart sell a woman new to big game hunting a 22-250 as a "great deer gun," along with a box of 55-grain varmint rounds. I got in the middle of that one, prevented the sale, and found the store's general manager to let him know just what kind of a nitwit he had behind the gun desk.

    • dave

      22-250 with 55/64 gr bullets is absoulty leathel on white tails out to 400yds you are the nitwit

      • Ehunter

        22-250 is illegal in Colorado for deer hunting.

    • Austin

      Not my first choice for a deer gun but I have killed several deer with my 22-250

    • Alaskabushman

      Living in remote Southeast Alaska where small Sitka blacktail roam, the 22-250 is a very popular deer/wolf rifle. I personally killed a nice sized doe with my .22 WMR. Certainly not my FIRST choice nor a recommendation…but it can be done with good shot placement. I wouldn't hesitate to hunt with something as small as a .222 or even .22 hornet at CLOSE RANGE (which is about all you'll find in the dense underbrush of S.E. Alaskan forests). My personal favorite is the .260 Remington, and no one can say its inadequate for deer sized game.

  • Witold Jakutowicz

    I agree with Mike Schoby. I live in South Africa and have done hunting here. I have also worked at Kruger National Park, Big 5 area, and not once did I ever have to fire a warning shot, never mind shoot the animal, and I carried a large caliber rifle.

    If one intends shooting Plains game, a .270 to .338 will do fine.

  • shawn stoner

    i agree with a certain amount of scent control but people are going way over board. 3 years ago i went through everything. clothes wash, shower stuff, and i even sprayed my face and hair and every layer of clothes with scent spray. i still got busted 4 or 5 times that year. the past 2 years i have scent washed my clothes before season and instead of scent spray i used a buck bomb and sprayed my clothes with it before i went out each time. i used hemlock needled or walnuts to rub on my hands as well. i have been busted once in 2 years doing this and i see alot of deer. people need to realize animals can smell the difference between artificial and natural. plus they smell human scent all the time in alot of areas now. forget sprays n all that. wash your clothes, use nature as a natural cover scent, and make yourself smell like a deer. you cant forget about scent. but dont over do it and dont believe everything you see on tv. theyre getting paid to say them things

  • hotstriper

    I was backpacking through the pacific northwest and kept hearing gun shots. Almost ruined my otherwise pristine hike.

    • Eat My Chalupa

      Sorry. I mistook you for a festering sow in heat spraying diarrhea all over itself. Just trying to put you out of your misery.

    • Caroline

      Well, with any luck, they some ignoramus accidentally shot another ignoramus. Speaking of which, why don't hunters hunt each other? I mean, shooting at something that can shoot back. What an adrenaline rush! Actually, I know the answer…the average big game hunter is a coward at heart.

      • Tim

        Umm thats called murder. The average hunter does it in NZ because A, He is skilled and its his hobby and B, It beats paying $20 per kg of meat at the supermarket. I am offended at YOUR ignorance. Exactly how many hunters have you met? or is your opinion just invented to justify your fear of the unknown? You and your ilk get to eat without ever knowing how hard it would be to aquire said food from the wild.

  • Bwana1

    Maybe this author needs some advise. wear ORANGE when hunting deer!!!! where where you hunting that did not require orange???????????? Cant be Texas with that snow……

  • Caroline

    'I have not heard any other guides say something like that on an unwounded animal and I hope I never do! '

    Oh wow, you are so noble! How about not slaughtering animals to pose for some stupid pics and stick them on their wall. You think you are in any way, shape, or form a decent human being when you deprive these animals of their life for a few moments of excitement and to stick their dead heads on your wall?

    You are a disgraceful human being.

    • don

      caroline why are you even here? go to a peta site and be a happy hippie

    • Tim

      I agree. Anyone could poke holes in your lifestyle too. How much carbon goes in the air so that you can drive to work, wear clothes, buy your groceries in plastic bags etc. At least hunters are out in the wild and keeping the non native populations in check. Without them you'd be paying county hunters to cull them and nobody would be collecting any meat.

  • mick

    And the battle rages.. Some like it some don't, I respect all but have my own life. Some people hunt some are vegetarians, whatever..
    Anyways, I was once told to shoot a javelina with a .223.. Not good,, ended up stopping him with 3 rds of .44, 20 ft from me feet. And new shorts afterwards..

  • Jarod

    Had to chuckle one day a few years back. Came across a couple of guys hunting pheasants in SD over some extremely close working Brittany Spaniels. They were shooting 3 1/2 inch mags at Roosters flushing from under their feet. They winged a couple of birds the previous year with 2 3/4 so they thought they better go with goose loads. Better count to 10 before pulling the trigger……

  • Sofiarun

    I find it crazy that anyone would want to ignore the wind. That is usually the first tip that you learn when you want to learn hunting. It seems like basic knowledge that a deer would smell you if you lay downwind from it. Thanks for dispelling all these myths and false truths.

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