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Turkey Loads

Turkey Loads

by Josh Dahlke 0

Truth be told, there’s more than one effective, ethical way to kill a turkey. At the end of the day,… more »

HuntMore Chair Melissa

The HuntMore 360-Degree Chair: The Ultimate Ground Blind Chair

by Melissa Bachman 0

I love hunting and filming out of ground blinds, but space can get limited quickly! The No. 1 thing that… more »


A Crossbow, a Turkey and a Double

by Kim Cahalan 0

It was time to try my luck with a crossbow. Being an avid bowhunter for the past decade had finally… more »


10 Turkey Hunting Tips for the Desperate Beak Buster

by Doug Howlett 14

Turkey season, spring’s best game in town, is once again upon us. We start with high hopes, but I wonder… more »


Wild, Wild West: Open Country Turkey Hunting Tactics

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Turkey hunting in the wide-open spaces of the West can be a very different game than working gobblers in the… more »


Tips for Tackling the Impossible Tom

by Jeff Johnston 0

I barked to that bird a hundred times, and he must’ve answered me a hundred and fifty. He’d come close,… more »


HUNTING’s Guide to Cooking Wild Turkey Thighs

by Hank Shaw 0

At Thanksgiving dinner, which meat do you reach for first: light or dark? I am an avowed leg man myself… more »


Recipe: Spicy Asian Turkey Jerky

by David Draper 0

In the jerky world, beef gets all the glory, with venison coming in a close second, especially in the hunting… more »


New Turkey Hunting Shotguns for 2015

by David Hart 0

Can you justify spending a couple hundred or even a thousand dollars on a shotgun you’ll shoot just a handful… more »


Best States to Complete Your Turkey Grand Slam This Year

by David Hart 0

You’ve been dreaming about it since the day you called in your first gobbler. It’s called the Grand Slam, an… more »

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