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Melissa Bachman: The Gear I Could Never Live Without

by Melissa Bachman   |  March 12th, 2012 7

I like to have a lot of gear with me in the field but there are a few items that I just couldn’t live without. These items may not be things you would normally think of but here’s my list of my all time favorites.

Of course, any hunter can go without if need be, but if I had my choice, these are the basic necessities I would want on any given hunt.  We all have our favorites, so post some of yours below!

Bow Release

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We all like to get new gear and try out new things, but there are certain items as a hunter you just can’t get rid of. My release is one of those items. I’ve been shooting the same TruBall Short and Sweet release for the last five years or more, and I absolutely love it. It’s the one item I wouldn’t be comfortable stepping into the field without it. It’s extremely short, so it allows you to have the maximum draw possible, and fits perfectly in your hand. It also has a buckle, which I prefer over Velcro. This is not only for the noise, but also so it straps into the exact same place each time. The funny thing is, I actually wake up at night in the fall feeling on my hand for my release! When you get used to having something on at all times, it actually feels weird not to be wearing it at all times.

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