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Never Taken a Kid to the Range? Watch this.

I thought I grew up hunting until I started prepping my daughter for elk hunting. Often times we don’t know what we don’t know and she and I are learning a great deal together. If you are trying to get yourself and your child back into hunting, this video is a good, straight forward primer on the things you’ll want to know and teach at the range.

My friend, Dave Hopper, took my daughter through the process of zeroing in her new CZ-USA 550 American in .308. Dave really does a good job in my opinion.

Again, this video is really for the parent who may have done very little hunting or no hunting at all, but wants to get into it.


If you want to get a good laugh at the opposite of doing a good job, watch me try:


Want a few more tips I’ve learned through the process of getting a 13-year-old girl ready to hunt elk?

Rifle and Ammo Selection

Measuring Trigger Pull Length





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