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A Guide to Redneck Wedding Fashion

by Katie Frasier,   |  February 13th, 2012 6

All year, we spend time preparing for deer season, turkey season, really any hunting season — but what about wedding season?

Some hunting folks take that one seriously, too. Because who doesn’t dream of the perfect camo-inspired wedding celebration? We’ve all been fascinated by My Big Redneck Wedding on TV. Well, now you can recreate your own redneck nuptials.

From finding the perfect mossy oak dress to pairing bright orange tuxedo vests with hunting boots, here are some photos that just might inspire your own down-home “I Do.”

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Dream Dress

Here comes the hunter’s bride. She’ll be a vision in white -- and Snow Camo.

  • applepicker

    Maybe the groom could sneak out of the reception.

  • Mark

    uuummmm ….. cake topper has two bucks on it…. lol. Small one is a spike. Is this a cake topper for a gay couple ?

  • Debbie

    The cake topper has two bucks on it not a doe. Who ever did this did not know what they were doing.

  • Ron

    Is the cake for same sex marriage? or is the theme, "Big rack girl marries not quite legal buck".

  • Dobie

    Maybe they could weave in a little Poison Ivy into the Bridal Bouquet and pass out some Snuff or Chaw instead of rice.

  • Aaron

    I sure hope she doesn't ever drop that ring in the woods! ahahaha

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