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Big Walleyes and Spring Coyote Success!

by Melissa Bachman   |  June 5th, 2011 11

Melissa caught and released this 26.5-inch giant!

After an incredible weekend fishing with my family, it was time to wind down for a Sunday afternoon nap.  Well that was the plan anyway, until things got a lot more interesting!

My parents live in central Minnesota and great fishing is literally minutes away from our home.  It’s one of my favorite places to go for the weekend and enjoy the outdoors.  Growing up in the country, I was lucky enough to live on fabulous hunting ground and excellent fishing was only a bike ride away.

As you can imagine I took full advantage of both and this weekend was no different…

In the Bachman household there are binoculars that have a permanent home next to our kitchen sink and picture window.  These are not for bird watching, more like coyote patrol.  It’s become a habit for my dad to check over the property on a daily basis just looking for game.  Well today, a big coyote happened to be strolling through nearly 700-yards out!

I’m not sure if coyotes communicate with each other, but if they do this one obviously missed the memo.  Don’t step foot near the Bachman’s!  My dad has been a hardcore predator hunter his entire life, in fact I grew up with him pulling my little brother and I in a sled behind him while he snow shoed across fields to call fox & coyotes!

With this said, our reaction should not surprise you.  In a fluid motion we ran downstairs, grabbed a couple .22-250’s and started making our game plan as we scurried out of the house.

The wind was perfect, blowing right into our face and since my dad calls on our property all the time he knew the perfect ambush point.  It was a high hill that would give us a wide-open view where the coyote was last seen.  As we neared the top of the ambush point we belly crawled the rest of the way.

The grass was almost too high for my bipods so I pulled some away and got things situated.  Literally within 20-seconds of setting up, my dad spotted the coyote once again and I settled the crosshairs right on the point of the shoulder.

With an easy squeeze of the trigger and my dad watching over my shoulder, the coyote piled up after a perfect 250-yard shot!!  I was shaking like a leaf and grinning ear to ear!

This was one of the most spontaneous, fun stalks I had ever done and to do it with my dad behind our house made it even more special.  There is no better accomplishment in the Bachman household that taking down a big coyote…especially one that was planning to live on our property and kill our fawns.  We found a den only 20-yards away which explained why the coyote was still roaming around in the same area.  Looks like we did our good deed for wildlife today and had a lot of fun in the process!!

After a morning of fishing Melissa & her dad spotted this coyote digging out a den behind the house.


This coyote was caught on my Cuddeback in Illinois with a deer head hanging out of his mouth!! That's enough to make any deer hunter angry...great pic though!


Melissa and her dad have been calling in coyotes together since she was a little kid.



  • Jeff Opelia

    There many coyotes around here as well. Swanville has many coyote hunters who run with dogs. I set traps for various animals and bring in beaver into my classroom to skin and stretch for the students.

  • Agastyan Daram (Gus)

    Hi I enjoy following your facebook page. I learned to hunt and fish about 90 miles east of St paul. in wisconsin. Later I would get married to a girl around La Crosse Wi and did a heck of a lot of deer, turkey and Walleye fishing in and around the coulee region. That was three years ago now. I am devorsed and living out east. Your blog brings back a lot of memories..

  • Tom Wortman

    Melissa, Growing up in California was especially hard being an avid hunter.

    I wish I had the same experiences and was able to share with my children like your family did. I enjoy you on the show on the sportsmans(womans)

    channel. Best of hunting to you….I wish they made women like you when i was growing up…If only I were 20 years younger…I know you get that all the time…Thanks for sharing your hunting experiences…Tom

  • J.C.

    "Whenever I see a photograph of some sportsman grinning over his kill, I am always impressed by the striking moral and esthetic superiority of the dead animal to the live one." (Edward Abbey)

  • carmelo

    ciao Melissa sono , un cacciatore siciliano ,e mi piacciano la tua attività sulla caccia : con il genitore a canto e una favola andare a caccia le emozione che nel tempo a dato il papà e sempre viva in noi cose che ci imparano cose che nessuno lo fa in bocca al lupo Melissa auguri

    • luisa

      spero tanto che diano la caccia a voi, esserei inutili!

  • Johnnie McMillan

    Whilst I understand you have been brought up by your family in the open country and you have been shaped this way, there is a difference between farmers & conservationists who have to cull to protect land or protect species and do so with a heavy heart and those who kill for fun with no regard for the animal. Having living in Africa for many years I am always disgusted by photos of hunters with moronic grins holding a dead animal across them, completely unaware of the vile image they are projecting. Old school hunters respect the animals they kill. You do not in any way, and for that you should be truly ashamed. Please re-look at your photos and see what others see – open your eyes.

  • OKhunter

    I think it is funny how people just don't understand hunting. I too have conflict with killing something that I will not eat, but I understand how managing the coyote population has a good effect on the wild turkey population etc… Here in Oklahoma, the success of the wild turkey has been contributed to the successfull harvesting of predators within the guidlines of the state wildlife department. I do have to ask the question of the people that don't approve of harvesting animals for food. Do you have the same disgust for the coyote for killing the rabbit, or the bobcat killing the turkey for food? Food is food no matter how you look at it. I'm not one for killing for sport, but for food is a different story.

  • Lisa

    Well said Cindy!

  • OKhunter

    What if there were no supermarket, then what would you do? I get your point, but some people would rather live off the land instead of out of the super market. I don't kill coyotes because I wouldn't eat one, but deer I do eat, because I would rather eat deer that beef. That is my choice.

  • John Lenhart Jr.

    Are you a vegetarian? What do you eat?

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