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Boddington demos a lever action gate.

by Conrad Evarts   |  September 9th, 2011 4

500 of these later, Boddington knows his gate latch.

Boddington is a gate guy. He doesn’t shirk this duty. Most of the time when the truck we’re in approaches a gate, the man’s feet are on the ground before the rig stops rolling.

This last hunt was gate heavy. We were all over that Central California ranch and Craig went from being good at gates to a gate expert.

I like gate latches. Anyone who spends much time on ranches will notice gate latches reflect a range of things about a ranch and the people who work that ranch. They can reflect prosperity or poverty. They always demonstrate ingenuity. They seem to get more creative as they get further from the ranch headquarters and proper materials are exchanged for available materials. They also change based on the application, some of my favorites are in the Patagonia Steppes of Argentina where the Gauchos want to operate the gate without dismounting their horse.

But, of all the gate latches I’ve seen across the world, the latch demonstrated in the video below is my favorite. It is the only lever action gate latch I’ve ever seen. It clearly demonstrates that the ranch is prosperous and likes to do things right. It is creative and very functional. It is an example of pure American ingenuity.

Wanna’ win a fantastic photo of Boddington? Click HERE.

  • Sherrill Neese

    LOL! This is hilarious!

    I have now gotten to a higher level of gateness. Well done!

  • Sherrill Neese

    I forgot to add that this is very interesting too. Being the gate guy myself, I have come across some interesting gates, but, most definitely, nothing like that.

  • short blood trail

    get the pole in the hole

  • skipper

    This is awesome! I have cut and nearly castrated myself trying to open and close gates, always a humbling experience…just when you think you're a great shot, smart or in good physical shape, you get your ass handed to you by a barbed wire gate loop built by some monosyllabic neanderthal …great post conrad

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