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California Record Bighorn Sheep Killed

by Dylan Polk   |  December 13th, 2011 10
John Berens bighorn

Photo courtesy of Terry Anderson

Barely one day into bighorn season, California may have a new state record.

Sacramento area native John Berens shot a desert bighorn sheep measuring nearly 186 inches on Saturday — the opening day of bighorn season in California — while hunting in the Orocopia Mountains with guide Terry Anderson of San Gorgonio Outfitters.

Anderson told The (San Bernardino) Sun that the ram would beat the old state record 182 inches by at least four inches after a required drying period.

“It was just a great old ram,” Anderson told reporters. “And he was holed up the farthest from the world you can get in the Orocopias. It took us 7 1/2 hours to reach him from the trucks.”

After watching the ram for nearly four years, Anderson said, he and Berens set off into the mountains at 3:30 a.m. to the spot where the ram had been seen last. Eight-and-a-half hours later, Berens had the state record.

Anderson told reporters he was also present when hunter John Bauder shot the previous record 182-inch ram in 1999.

What a massive ram. Have you ever seen anything like it?

  • Gary

    Outstanding ram ! Take a look though, at the California Bighorn Ram taken in Washington Sate North of Wenatchee, in the Swakane area. last year. Believe was in the 190's but not totally sure of the size.

    • applepickers

      They are saying that it is a California record, not a Washington record.

    • B Westerfield

      The news story (and confirmed by photo) is a Desert Bighorn — taken in California. The California Bighorn taken in the Swakane area last year is a different species of sheep named a 'California Bighorn' that ranges thru Oregon, Washingnton, Idaho, Nevada, and Canada — as well as a few in California. That Washington ram would be very impressive as well.

  • B Westerfield

    The report, as I read it shows a Desert Bighorn, taken in California, not a California Bighorn. This is a different sheep than a "California Bighorn', which ranges (and can be hunted) in parts of Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, and in Canada. Another related sheep is the "Rocky Mountain Bighorn" which is found in Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, and Canada — generally a larger sheep than the California and the Desert Bighorn. The Grand Slam for sheep hunters includes the Rocky Mtn and Desert Bighorn, and two "thin horn" rams — the Dall and the Stone found in Alaska, NW Territories, and British Columbia. The California Bighorn is considered by some as a 5th sheep species added to the 'Grand Slam' of North American sheep.

  • Simon Bentley

    Disgusting , obscene , childish , purile , vile , imature , rude , selfish , stupid , vulgar , cruel , greedy , wrong , these are a few words that came out as soon as I read this article . People who do this and then pose by their kill / victim are all the above and much more……………..

    • Steve Knight

      You animal rights people are all idiot's. When the idiot running this country takes it further in the toilet there will be no more food at the Supermarket's, you people will be asking us hunter's to spare some food. You people are the problem of this country.

    • Dan

      There are just as many words that could be used to descibe you, but the best is most likely IGNORANT. Without the hunters there would not be any wildlife for you to enjoy, because there would not be a California Game and Fish Dept. to protect the wildlife.

      It is the very people you have used the ugly words to descibe that pay for everything that, as a conseqiunce, provides the protection of the wildlife. Get a grip and put your money where your mouth is before you speak.

  • Eva Fitts

    My Mom read about this in the San Bernardino Sun. She told me about it because I live in the desert and have had the joy of seeing these creatures in their natural habitat. I did a google search and ended up here. I am not against hunting for food. In fact I agree with that practice more than I agree with raising animals on farms to be killed and eaten. However, I think this "sport" hunting for a record or a trophy is basically murder. This man hung around and watched this sheep's habits and then gunned him down. There is no reason for this animal to be dead now.

  • DVG

    Hunting is fine. Hunt all the deer you want within reason, for example. However, there aren't a lot of these sheep left. These are not animals that should be tracked down and killed in the few remote locales they have left.

  • ddd

    congradulations to all trophy hunters- these animals are past their prime, have lived their life to the fullest and now can not only feed us but more than likely be preserved to a degree for generations to appreciate.

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