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Closing The Gap on Dangerous Cape Buffalo

by Ben OBrien   |  June 14th, 2011 5

Hunting buffalo in Africa can be a perilous adventure…especially when you’ve got one on the ground.

  • Devlin

    They didnt seem dangerous. The all looked at the PH like a bunch of cows. "What the heck is he doing?" "I dont know"

  • William Vosnos

    This was a nice hunt that ended well. Good trophy!

    I've shot several buffafo over the years and always found it to be a most exciting hunt.

    I knew a PH and his client that were killed by a wounded buffalo in the Dande area of Zimbabwe back in 1992.

    Maybe Devlin should try it, I'm sure he would change his mind.

  • Portal Online

    You are quite right on this one

  • Gibbes

    Under proper the conditions, this can be a very dangerous animal. In tall grass or heavy bush, it could easily turn into a perilous 'whose hunting who situation'. But in an open area, such as this, it's little more than shooting the neighbor's prized bull. And, poor shooting it was at that…. Pity. Good thing the animal didn't charge and the hunter had only the classic double to dispatch it with.

    A proper hunt , of dangerous game, should be restricted to only two doubles (one for the hunter and one for the PH) and bring back the element of risk and sport. Those to timid should retire themselves to cricket fields.

  • Devlin

    I know pretty well what it like to crap your pants when a buffalo comes at you.If it wasnt for my PH,I would not be here today

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