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Craig Boddington’s Worldwide Top 10 Trophies

by Craig Boddington   |  August 21st, 2011 15

This selection turned out to be very difficult as this was a good exercise in self-evaluation. It turns out my interests are even more eclectic than I thought they were. Any of Africa’s spiral horns were in the running, plus all of the Big Five, plus all the wild sheep and goats, all the deer…and then were a couple of really big bears, one from Kamchatka, another from Romania, that almost made the cut. Another animal that was just off the final list was a capybara, easily the coolest animal I’ve taken in South America. Here’s the final list!

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The Cape buffalo is one of my favorite animals, offering a great and classic hunt. I've been very lucky with big buffalo, but the biggest was this wonderful bull taken with Geoff Broom, a great professional hunter and long-time friend and mentor. We hunted Mto Wa Mbu, a famous old Masailand block hunted by Robert Ruark in the 1950s. We had worked a mid-sized herd all day when three big bulls appeared out of nowhere. This one was not the biggest of the three, but he was the one I could get a shot at, and he stands as my very best buffalo.

  • Eric Nysse

    He is a beauty!

  • Joseph

    Why kill a lion?

  • http://windows7 Ben Petrone

    Joseph; i always wondered the same why would any one kill any thing that they do not eat .Unless the meat of one goes as bush meat UGH .Meat from a carnavore they tell me is terrible unless you are eithet use to it or are hungry for protein.Or it is an ego thing or a macho thing

    • Andy P

      Usually, all the meat harvested in African hunts needs to be donated to the people of that country. There are a lot of people that are happy to eat whatever meat they can receive. Such a practice helps cut down meat poaching. Also, legal, licensed hunting for large animals defers trophy black market poaching. On another note, a lot of guides target problem lions that target live stalk, and sometimes people as food. So there are more reasons to hunt lions than just ego.

  • http://windows7 Ben Petrone

    i hope that that meat did not go to waste

  • http://windows7 Ben Petrone

    What pleasure did you get from killing a ROYAL ANTELOPE I hope that you ate it or at least someone else cant be that hard up to shoot a small animal like that .What did you use a 375 H&H mag .

  • KW

    Ben, had you ever stepped foot on the continent of Africa you'd know for certian that no meat goes to waste amongst the protein-starved population.

    Why hunt lions? It's not for everyone, but sustainable hunting of mature males provides tens of thousands of badly-need dollars to game departments who protect and creat habitat. To save all of the animals, you must hunt some of them in a responsible manner. Would you prefer that they be poisoned by cattle herdsmen with no economic benefit to the species?

  • Jim

    Ben,ever hear that old saying,"don't knock it until you try it"? Speaking personelly, I have shot 2-Leopards and YES we ate the meat from both of them ! Carnavores, not good to eat? You Sir, are like so many other non-educated people who comment about things they nothing about! Go to Africa and educate yourself than you can speak on subjects you obviousley know nothing about !

  • Sherrill Neese

    Wow! Definitely some very nice trophies. Just Beautiful!

  • ET

    Your CRETAN IBEX and SULEIMAN MARKHOR are trophy's that I belive are your best. Nice going.

  • Andreas

    Nice trophies, but who can afford the hunt other than CB who certainly is sponsored? At least by those who by the magazines to read his articles.

  • Alexandre

    The lion is the only animal that must be hunted until no one exist.

  • Ninety Nine

    articles like this make me so jealous i actually shake in anger/frustration. i'll never have the ability to do any of these hunts, though i still dream of the opportunity every night. honestly, it disgusts me that the majority of great hunts are reserved for the 1%. a shame that only the richest of the very rich have the ability to participate in the sport at levels beyond public land hunts for dove, young bucks, etc, etc… the rich, like craig boddington, love this though, as it keeps the "servant class" like me away from "their" land/game. they (the 1 percent) honestly feel they have more right to the world and all the wonderful things the world provides than the rest of us, and will do anything to keep it and everything else to themselves….

    and, compared to most, i'm blessed. i have had the chance to hunt the dark continent. Sadly, it took several (nearly 10) years of saving. it took sticking aside every extra penny to get me to Zimbabwe for a Kudu and Livingstone Eland. With a healthy amount of bird hunting and a duiker, impala and Grysbok thrown in for amazing measure. But, like I said, that took many, many years of saving and nearly bankrupted me along the way. Not to mention the neglect it forced on other parts of my life/future. oh, and i bought it at auction, for about a 1/10 of the price it would have normally cost. i can't even imagine the possibility of being able to drop 10's and 10's of thousands more on a lion, elephant, cape buffalo, markhor, sheep hunt, etc…its not even humanly possible for 99 percent of the hunters in the world like me. the 1,500 dollar trophy fee for the kudu is crazy and nearly impossible in itself, how could an average man plop down the 12,000 dollar elephant fee. Forget about the 18,000 dollar (total) daily fee. its sick, just sick where this sport has gone.

    It is WAY beyond funding habitat/protecting the animals. It's about greed (obviously), but more so about the RICH, KEEPING US "SERVANTS" AWAY FROM "THEIR" game/camps/land. It is the only way they can keep us lowly people out, and make it their own "hunting country club". by pricing us out of the game. they've made it just another way for them to brag and boast to their thieving colleagues. and, they don't want to share land, share the air they breath, or even have to place their eyes on us lowly people while they tour the "dark continent" in luxury. their safari shouldn't be spoiled by having to spend time around such low class people. they're far too civilized for that. disgusting, just disgusting. the new world we've allowed to be created around us.

    • John M

      Ninety Nine, take your meds. Do you also rant uncontrollably when you see someone drive by in an expensive car, or pass a large, luxurious home, or see expensive clothing or electronics? Not everyone can afford the best of everything…boo hoo! Most of those who are in the financial position to enjoy these elite goods and services got their money by hard work and perseverance…perhaps you should try that yourself. You obviously have time on your hands…how about applying it to something other than self-pity and hatred?

      And for the record: No, I am not wealthy. I have scrimped and saved to afford one African hunt, and don't regret it for a moment, but the vast majority of my hunting is local, unguided, DIY and very inexpensive. However, you are correct in one thing…I, for one, certainly do not want to share space with or look at you. However, it has nothing to do with your economic status…it's simply because you are a whiny asshole!

  • t r u e camelion

    hmmmmm a hunt…defined by man or animal..? by animal …to stalk and or trail prey for the sake of consuming said prey for the continuance of the predators own life at the risk of facing the preys natural defenses. . . by human (in accordance to this article) .. to stalk and or trail prey with technology, no genetic skill, or even by sight at best, and then kill said prey with projectile weapons, while said prey has no pre programmed instincts to avoid this ‘natural predator’, while maybe snacking on the aftermath, but certainly stroking ones ego, and methodically hoping the ‘balls grow’ with the ego. ….. kudos .. aside from being reduced as a ‘thinker’, i also now know why some folks should have thier ass handed to , oh i dunno, maybe an ‘old scarred lion’, with nothing more than hunger, or a set of realllly sharp claws, thanks to this magnificent entry into the world of ‘big game huntin’.

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