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Deer Season = Jail Season for Oregon Poachers

by Ben OBrien   |  July 13th, 2011 5

For most hunters, getting ready for deer season means sighting in rifles, checking trail cameras, and scouting out sure-fire buck-thumping stand locations.

For Rory and Shane Donoho, a father and son tandem that took poaching to new heights in the McKenzie Wildlife Management District near Vida, Oregon, it’ll mean prepping for a hard cot, cold showers, and sitting in a 9×11 cell — behind bars — for the crimes committed.

The poaching pair were convicted of more than 130 poaching related crimes that included illegally killing more than 300 deer over the last five years, virtually wiping out the deer population in the area they hunted.

Here’s the cruel twist of fate — According to the Eugene Register Guard, for the next four years, both Donaho’s will have to report to prison on October 1 — the first day of deer season —  and spend the next 90 days in jail.

Talk about buck justice.

Both men also had their hunting privileges stripped for life and will have to pay $62,000 in restitution to the state.

To learn how the poachers were nabbed — and it’s a great read — make sure to check out Karen McCowan’s article available HERE.

  • Ron

    I hope they lost hunting rights in all states and not just in Oregon, to bad for the animals and other hunters.

    • Aaron Decker

      Ron – Oregon is a part of the The Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact. If they've lost their hunting rights for life in Oregon, the same holds true for the 36 other states that are a part of the agreement. Not all states…but most.

      • Ron

        They also should make them go to sports shows and walk around with a big sign saying,


        Good post Aaron.

        • deerhuntermn

          yeah they should be charged more than $62,000 cuz that ruined the hunting for everybody in that area!!! awful!!!!!

        • skinbow

          I agree with Ron

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