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Fantasy Hunting League

by Melissa Bachman   |  September 1st, 2011 0

With football season right around the corner, many people are thinking Fantasy Football.  In fact, there was a study was done claiming that Fantasy Football cost companies nearly 1.1 Billion a year in lost productivity because employees become so consumed with their teams.  It is estimated than nearly 36-million people play fantasy sports so it is no surprise this popular pastime has now taken hold in the hunting industry as well.


This is my second year as a member of the Fantasy Hunting League and I’ve watched it grow tremendously  in just the past year.  With FHL’s new website and huge lineup of your favorite pro hunters they have made it easy for you to create your ideal fantasy hunting team and have a chance at thousands of dollars in prizes.


The concept is simple, the pros turn in their schedules prior to the season and each hunter is worth so much according to what hunts they have in store.  As the fall begins and the hunters bring in their trophies, Fantasy Hunting League is the first to post every update and animal’s score.  It’s a great way to have a little fun, keep up with your favorite hunters, and have a chance at 50,000 dollars in cash and prizes.  Check it out for yourself and don’t forget to add me to your roster!

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