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Deer Whitetail

Have You Seen the Million-Dollar Buck?

by Dylan Polk   |  December 7th, 2011 15

Million-buck buckThis bruiser of a buck may look like a sure trophy, but one small detail in the background has a long held debate swirling around the hunting world.

Boone & Crockett recently posted a photo of this “million-dollar buck” on their Trophy Watch page. The photos have been circulating for some time, B&C said, and the buck is claimed to be worth over $1 million, $7,500 per sperm straw.

These pen-raised mutant breeder deer are certainly as interesting to look at as any four-legged creature in existence but the fact remains that these animals are as much livestock as game animal. Science has manufactured this deer, of that there’s no doubt, and the debate as to whether this kind of genetic tinkering should be allowed is now centered around it.

The folks over at B&C are pretty adamant that a buck like this will never be listed in their record books, but what do you think? Is it still considered hunting when it’s part of a controlled environment, or is the sport itself damaged? Would you pay $1 million to have this deer hanging on your wall?


  • Bud Holden

    Might as well have your desired set of antlers molded inplaster or similar material. The trophy is in the "fair" chase, these are man-made mutants…

    • David Gerard

      I agree. The ways they get them big they might as well be putting plastic surgery on the deers. they would be walking the holly wood strip with there fake rakes too.

  • Bryce Bateman

    What would even be the fun in shooting it might as well walk out in a cow field and shoot a big ol' cow. I am disapointed in any one who could shoot that and call themselves a hunter. That is not hunting its simply just shooting and killing.

  • Freddie Mason

    If this deer cant be counted at B&C then the rest of the deer these hunters pay to kill on farms and fenced in areas should not be either. Whats the difference. They may not be as big but its the same deal. Fenced hunting isnt hunting anyway. Get someone with enough money to come on to your FENCED area and hunt deer you raised and put them right where they are going to be and all they have to do is pull the trigger. OOOOH WEEEE. Thats not hunting and thats not sport. Thats Bull.

  • M. Scanlon

    Would these deer survive outside of a pen if they weren't hunted ? I don't think so. Livestock, not a game animal. Only a dweeb would consider this a trophy.

  • G. Evridge

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because someone thinks it is not fair chase doesn't mean anything except it is in a high fenced area. Have any of the people complaning hunted in a 1000 acre area? It is harder than you think!

    • Dj6699

      Yea right!!!!!

    • Bryce Bateman

      What is hard about hunting deer that have been fenced in. Just walk to one end of the fence and back and shoot a deer. Ya sounds really tough. You should try hunting in the mountains when its about 15 degrees and the deer can go anywhere they want and you have to deal with the doubt of if you will get one or not.

    • Dave O.

      You are right I filmed a trophy hunt in a fenced area. It was the hunter's 4 time before he shot a 185 – 190 class buck. It was as fun of a hunt as ever.

  • Travis Hoffman

    High fence hunts are for rich snobs that aren't good enough hunters to take a legal fair chase deer in the wild. Obviously they have never had heart pounding excitement of putting in the time and having all your plans come together to harvest the wild whitetail of your dreams! A "canned hunt" is a canned hunt weather its 10 acres or 10000 acres inside a high fence! You could just as well pay them to shoot it for you too!

  • Taylor

    In sports, no professional athlete is allowed to keep his record if he is caught using steroids. Hunting is a sport. So why should animals that have been doped up be allowed to be in the record books? Case in point, the recent buck taken around Carrol, Iowa. It was approximately 220 inches (scored), but had escaped from a game farm. B&C refuses to admit it to the record books. On a rant, hunting over a game feeder where the deer are fenced in takes all the sport out of it anyway. Just my 2 cents.

  • Dale

    Hunting in a high fence area is not hunting, its just killing and should be frowned upon by real hunters
    BUT what exactly is a high fence operation?
    A high fenced in 10 acre area?
    A mile by mile high fenced in farm?
    A high fenced 17,000 acre ranch?

    Boone and Crocket defines any area that has a complete fence around it on all sides preventing the enclosed animal from escaping as a high fence operation.

    But what if you own a farm or ranch and you leave the fence down on one side, and your Buddy who own the farm adjoining your property does the same thing and now you have created a combined fenced in area with your and your Buddys farm completly surrounded by a fence.
    Would you say that is Legal. I would say not but according to Boone and Crocket it would be perfectly legal.
    What do you say? I think its still illegal and still a high fenced operation.
    I have heard this is being done on some combined ranches in Texas to get around the Boone and Crocket rules.

    Anyway some people who I do not consider Hunters take huge animals every years by shooting them in a fenced in area and claim they are Great Hunters BAA HUMBUG!

  • David Quinn

    To go outdoors in free rangeing land and to HUNT a deer or elk is all part of fair game hunting and we need to leave mother natures animals in the wild to hunt as man has done sence the beginning of time.When we start to high fence these animals an do sience altering things to our WILD game we just as well pen them all up and sell them like cattle!!!

  • Dan church

    this Buck is not worth a penny in my book. Here in fla we are luicky to get a deer in the 75 b&c range. I would rather take my small buck and have the fun of chashing it through the swamps and sticker bush. than walk in a pen an shoot . Where is the sport in that….

  • rambo

    it not hunting at all, it's like shooting fish in a barrel!

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