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Help Hunting, Order PETA Stickers

by Mike Schoby   |  November 10th, 2011 22

Shotgun barrelIt sounds counterintuitive, but joining PETA may be the best thing you can do to save hunting—and your kids.

While doing some research, I stumbled on PETA kids the other day. Shocking, staggering, disgusting, sobering—call it what you want; if you thought PETA wasn’t bad enough, check out what they are doing to brainwash your kids. Taken right out of the Big Tobacco Joe Camel marketing plan, PETA is creating a fun, safe, supportive place to completely fill your kids brains’ with mounds and mounds of steaming horseshit.

Hate them as much as you wish, but you have to give them props for understanding the battle for your hunting rights is not going to be won—or lost—in the next few years; it will be a generational thing, and they are looking at the end game: your kids.

What can you do about it? For far too long, hunters have written PETA and their ilk off as extremists that really don’t have any real impact on our lifestyle—they are wrong. Since their inception barely 30 years ago, they are now a multi-million dollar force to be reckoned with.

With a marketing budget over $30 million, it is hard to offset their negative impact to our sport, but there are some small steps you can take.

Start by signing up to get their free sticker pack.  They will send you a pack, which costs them at least a buck to produce and mail. Typical of their own pandering nature, they ask for donations to help off set the cost when you receive the sticker—of course, ignore that. Promptly throw the entire envelope, donation form and stickers away—or do as I did and use them as barrel stickers on your favorite shotgun. My “fur is murder” sticker gets a chuckle out of everyone I hunt with. Then pass this message on to everyone you know. With 13 million hunters helping out, we should be able to deplete their budget rather quickly and keep there insidious message from reaching kids.

P.S. Sending photos to PETA with a limit of greenheads and your new bedazzled PETA-sticker-gun may be over the top—but that is up to you. I did.

  • Shawn O'Loughlin

    Don't forget to keep requesting more stickers and literature for your family, friends and neighbors. :)

  • Azgunnut

    PETA? Doesn't that stand for People Eating Tasty Animals?

    • Wowzers

      They also stand for Psychopathic Evil Thugs for Animals because that’s what they’ve been since 1980.

  • Dave

    Unfortunately they will view the increased demand for stickers as a good thing and will promote it as an indication of widespread support to recruit new members. Their $30 million budget could become $50 million as a result.

    Also, increased demand for stickers could result in a lower printing cost per sticker on the next print run.

    • daniel

      Keep asking for more they cost money. It is easy to come up with a reason not to get evolved.

      Think what it would cost to process checks for .25 cents. If the Liberals were flooded with .25 cent checks it would drain there funds. .25 plus .44 and envelop it somewhere near .75 cents. I think it will be well worth it. I am doing it.

  • Chumly

    When I received the email from Petersens telling me to join PETA I was immediately about to blow a gasket. Here it is another, so called friend of hunting or farming or other industry I love, playing friendly with the enemy. Good thing I went ahead and read the article before I went off on someone. Good work there guys.

  • Derrek Sigler

    When you write your next predator hunting book, I suggest you use a picture of you and the shotgun and a pile of dead stuff as the cover shot. Fur Murder by Mike Schoby… I'd buy a copy of that!

    • Marti Mace

      yes, me too. What this crap that the blood must be removed off the dead animal before it's posted in magazine!

  • Friends for Hunting

    Dear Mike

    If we all request stickers from PETA globally then they might just PETA out.

  • Matthew O'Brien

    Love it! This will look great on my Mossberg synthetic stock. Perfect conversation starter with mine and the other kids in the hunt club too.

    I just ordered mine.

  • Roger Holman

    Join NRA.

  • SticksnStones

    If they send you a pre-paid envelope for the donation. Peal the stickers, stick them on the back of the envelope and send it back to them. Then they have to pay postage twice.

    • joneboy095

      Just be sure not to send back anything that can be reused or that they can send to someone else

  • matt

    I have been a peta member for 30 years [People Eating Tasty Animals]

    • Wowzers

      People Eating Tasty Animals: Unethical psychopaths for animals since 1980

  • Kunkel

    Funny thing is that my email is yote.hunter.805@…… i have a big People Eating Tasty Animals sticker on my trucks tailgate right next to my NRA sticker

    • Wowzers

      People Eating Tasty Animals: Propaganda Embraced by Total Airheads since 1980

  • Iraqandback03

    Just got mine in, immediately stuck one on my go to 30/06. LOL!

  • oldhunt

    Mine are ordered and I'm telling all the members of our hunting club to do the same.

  • Shadow

    If PETA sends you a self addressed stamped envelope, cut some typing paper in dollars size pieces. Stuff the envelope till it is over weight, then send it back. They will be charged for an over weight package ouch.

  • Kevin

    Just tape the prepaid envelope to a brick and mail it back. That way they have to pay postage on a brick.


    Panderers euthanizing tormented animals

    Check out

    What a bunch of hypocrites and frauds!

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