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Inside Bowhunter TV: How to Shoot Panoramic Time Lapse Video

by Conrad Evarts   |  September 30th, 2011 4

I’m aware that this is not rocket science and that some of  you already know this trick, but I thought it would be fun to demo it for those amateur videographers out there. If you have a GoPro camera and want to create some very nice video of the property you’re hunting, below is a cute little trick called panoramic time lapse video. I like to call it “panotimelapse.”

I sped up the video in FCP to 4500%. You’ll notice when the GoPro adjusts for light, it’s a little clunky but if you use it earlier in the day like on the Anvil one below it eases that problem.

I really like the clouds in the Anvil video below. Anvil is a rock lookout the guides took us to after our recent elk hunt taped for Bowhunter TV:

  • Sherrill Neese

    Ok. I'm easily amused. :-) That video looks great. I will shared this with my sons. They will have fun with this.

  • Ron

    Ok! now wife is going to be missing her timer. she will never know what is is when I dismantle it.

  • Tom

    This PTL vision is the way to go. What specific video camera would you recomend for panoramics and overall outdoor use?

  • Conrad Evarts

    Based on the small size of the timer, I'm using my GoPro. In addition to the small size, the camera is easily waterproofed.

    For overall outdoor use I use the Sony Z5. It's probably more camera than a non-pro needs, but I've been using some incarnation of it for the past six years and it is a workhorse.

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