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Epic Hunting Road Trips: The Coyote Slam

by Tom Austin   |  June 13th, 2014 1

The recipe for a successful coyote hunting road trip requires a few key ingredients. First, the plotted course must have an assortment of food, fuel, and lodging amenities along the way.

Second, I like the option to travel through an area quickly if the coyote calling is poor or I need to relocate. I prefer a route similar to a main artery with veins that branch off in all directions.

Third, I don’t want to have to fuss with getting a new license every time I cross state lines.

Last, you need coyotes—swarms of callable, killable coyotes.

  • Fred Turner

    yes. we have a name for people like you and the long-line trappers who come through the country in late summer and early fall. taking the 3/4 grown pups before the hides are prime and educating the grown dogs. Pup Killers. If you can deny or refute my statement, I would like to hear it. your turn.

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