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Montana pronghorn

Hunting Season Begins in Montana

by Melissa Bachman   |  August 25th, 2011 5

After months of waiting for my hunts to begin my fall is officially here.  For me the toughest part of my job came this weekend and that was spending day and night finishing up all my editing projects and the dreaded packing.  I’m a girl so of course I like to pack heavy, but how on earth does one pack for every type of hunt from August until Christmas? I don’t plan on returning home and will be living out of my truck hunting from state to state.  I’ve got everything from gator bows to ground blinds to cold gear not to mention, guns targets and tree stands.  And as I sit in my 100 degree ground blind today in Montana, I know someday the Heater Body suit will come in handy, but now I’m patiently waiting on antelope to show up and cooking in my easy bake oven they call a blind.  The good news with antelope is the hotter the better so I think Montana may have all the ingredients for a great hunt.

I’m hunting with Ken Greslin of Powder River Outfitters where I’ve killed two beautiful bucks the last two years but this is my first crack at an antelope.  I’ve filmed numerous antelope hunts for others in the past but this is my first chance as the hunter.  I usually prefer spot and stalk hunting but with their eagle eyes they are very tough to pursue unless they are rutting and you can decoy them in.   So far on day one I’ve had a couple small bucks show up but the big guys are keeping their distance.

Tomorrow I’m thinking of trading in my chair for a kiddie pool in the blind, swimsuit, and some flypaper to keep these pesky flies away.  It could be the newest great invention for hot water hunting!!  One trip to Wal-Mart and I could have all the essentials to my new blind setup for under $50.  Small price to pay to stay cool and comfortable!

My 152-inch buck shot last year on the Powder River early season.


This was my first buck with Powder River Outfitters in 2009 Spot and Stalk Hunting!


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