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I Wanna’ Give You This Photo of Boddington

by Conrad Evarts   |  September 7th, 2011 4

This was one of those moments where my job is spectacular. We hunted sambar hard all day on a beautiful ranch that rises above the Pacific Ocean. Don Anderson, the outfitter and Craig worked to catch a bull moving from his bed into the open as the sun set on the sea. The binoculars and scopes scanned as I videotaped the scene.  I noticed the setting sun poking between Craig’s arm, leg and torso. I quickly borrowed his camera and as you can see, lady luck smiled on me. After years of working together, this is the best photo I’ve ever taken of him.

Craig Boddington, closing another day of glassing a valley near the Pacific Ocean.

I would like to send you a signed and numbered limited edition print of this photo. The prints will be 8×10 in size. He will sign the photo in silver on the left side in the black mountains.  As the photographer, I will sign and number them. We will create only 100 prints. Once printed, we will delete the file. There will never be another original, signed and numbered edition created. This will be a fantastic keepsake of a great man and a great hunter.

It is very simple to get one for yourself. Craig started a new fan page on Facebook and we would really like to see it thrive. You can find it HERE. To get your copy, simply encourage fifteen fellow hunters to “like” Boddington’s page. Once they become fans they need to post on his wall, “YOUR NAME sent me.” I will personally send a signed and number print to the first 98 fans whose names appear ten times. I’ll message you on Facebook to get your shipping address. Obviously the watermark won’t be on the print you receive, I just want to make sure there are only 100 photos printed.

Why am I shipping only 98 if I’m printing 100? I love this picture so much, I’m keeping number 1/100 and I’m sending 2/100 to Mrs. Boddington.

I hope you get right on this and enjoy this print for years to come.

What’s Boddington really like? I lay it out HERE.

  • Sherrill Neese

    Excellent idea!

    Beautiful picture!

    • Conrad Evarts

      Thanks Sherrill.

  • Ron

    What a great shot, for some reason these silhouette photos are my favorite to take. Nice photo Conrad.

  • cameo

    Nice shot! Everything look perfect: position, light, contrast.

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