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Introducing the Remington 700 SPS Long Range Rifle

by PH Online Editors   |  January 23rd, 2012 13

Remington unveiled it’s brand new Remington 700 SPS Long Range Rifle at SHOT Show 2012 in Las Vegas. This heavy-barrel model is chambered in long-action and long-action Magnum — perfect for long-range hunters — with a more rigid stock material for improved accuracy and pillar beds for a free-floated barrel. Check out the video from SHOT Show!

  • Jason Janacek

    Where can I buy one? For some reason it reminds me of the VSSF line from Remington. I own a VSSF in .308 from the 90's. By far the most accurate rifle I have ever owned. I will say that it will be in Rem's best interest to include the .308 as a short action offering in this rifle. Just saying. That alone is THE ONLY REASON I HAVE NOT DROPPED WHAT I AM DOING AND BOUGHT ONE. Hint hint….



  • Jason Janacek

    By the way, when this rifle is offered in .308 (Not the XCR, this model), PLEASE offer it with a 1-10" twist. For crying out loud. Will make a big difference in "Long Range" bullet selection. My VSSF does shoot Hornady's 178gr. Match ammo beautifully, but most 1-12's do not. I really wish it was a 1-10, as do most others that own this particular rifle. Again, just sayin'…

  • Josh

    I want to see more reviews on this gun perhaps people who shot it. Other than that it looks like everything I would need in a good rifle I prefer the long action and unlike it's sister rifle sps varmint, this is said to have a free floated barrel

  • zach

    and why isn't it in 30-06??!!!

  • Phil

    The venerable .30-06 is a great caliber (along with the .308) and capable of long range hits in the right hands and an accurate rifle, BUT what it fails to do is push the heavy for caliber bullets with sufficient velocity to call the .30-06 a true long range hunting cartridge. The 'magnums' on the other hand can push .5 – .6+ B.C. bullets 3000fps+ and that's what long range hunting really needs.

  • Mitch

    Phil your exactly right the magnums have that little more push for those longer range shots

  • Chris

    I am going to get one in 25 06. Phil I definitely agree. I have a 30 06 and there is just too much holdover past 300 yards(zeroed at 200). I think the calibers they chose suit the name perfectly. They are the flattest shooting with enough energy to take deer and larger sized game.

  • Wylee

    I am buying the 25-06 for its ability in bullet grain because I can shoot coytes to deer and antelope with the change of a shell. It's nice to have that ability because I live in Wyoming and can use it so often and dont kill my wallet buying shells

  • s68

    New model M700 SPS LONG RANGE barrel 26, at the muzzle 0,???

  • s68

    You can tell me what dimensions is muzzle…? Thank you


    Anyone able to purchase one of these yet. I dont see them anywhere as of march 2013. I talked to John at remington on the phone assure me they would be out first quarter 2013.They had an issue with the stocks.

    • Chained

      I ordered one a couple weeks ago and I was told May 2014. I hope it isn’t that long.

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