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Nevada Man Killed in Grizzly Bear Attack

by Ben OBrien   |  September 19th, 2011 15

A Nevada man has died from injuries suffered during a grizzly bear attack that occurred Friday near the North Idaho-Montana border.

Steve Stevenson, 39, and friend Ty Bell, 20, were a part of a four man hunting party, all from Winnemucca, Nev., chasing black bear in the Buckhorn Mountain area.


The pair encountered a bear that they thought was a black bear, the sheriff’s office said. They shot and wounded the bear, which was actually a young boar grizzly bear. They tracked the bear to an area of heavy cover, and the bear attacked Stevenson.

Bell shot the bear several times, eventually killing it. At about 10 a.m. Pacific Time, Bell reported the attack by cell phone to the Boundary County Sheriff’s Office in Idaho. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in Montana received a call about the attack from Idaho officials at 11:08 a.m. Mountain Time.

The investigation is ongoing, but there’s little doubt as to what happened in this case. Hunters should always use caution when tracking a bear of any kind, especially a wounded boar.


In the video above, Bell’s father Bill explains how Stevenson saved his son, and his son tried his best to help his companion while he was being mauled. “They were trying to save each other,” Bill says.

  • Quick Draw

    Very unfortunate for both humans and the bear! Bill understands the outdoors! Prayers are on the way and may God comfort all of those in this time of a great loss!

  • Dale Brenner

    a problem that is frequently encountered when hunting is identifying the game and in this case it is apparent the hunters needed more knowledge, unfortuate for all concerned.

  • VAWhiteTailHunter

    Why would you go hunting with only 4 shells ?????

    • applepickers

      When tracking a wounded bear, you may only have time for one shot,so carrying one hundred is not much help.

    • irving

      Reread the article. It states they were part of a four-man hunting party, nothing about four shells.

  • t. price

    they do not mention what cal. rifle they were, did they bring enough gun for bear?

  • George Fasciano

    More knowledge my butt. this is a very sad situation for the hunters. This is the risk you take when you go into bear country no matter the type of bear. as prepared as you are, things like this happen. They new the risk! Bears are predators. As a person who hunts bears and has gotten lost only to circle back to the same spot with a bear track on my foot prints. Things happen. Grizlies especially are verociouse and the king of the forest. Does anybody no remember the attack in Canada of the two hunter who were cutting up the Elk and were attacked.



  • Julie B

    Thx, George. Most people making unkind, rude comments lack compassion, have no personal experience, and live a totally different lifestyle. Ignorance and bias plays a big role. Any of us who knows anything about this understands, sending KUDOS TO TY FOR QUICK ACTION, AND SYMPATHY TO STEVE'S LOVED ONES.

  • Rambo

    The sad part is the uproar over the bear, how they should be killed etc and it turns out the the young guy Ty Bell shot his partner. The bear didn't kill him.

    Latest update Sept 27 NYT

    It turns out that the hunter in Idaho who the authorities thought was killed by a wounded grizzly bear was actually shot by his young hunting companion, who was trying to kill the bear, an autopsy has revealed.

    • 1111

      In which case the bullet WAS proven to be deflected off of the bear…do more research next time.

  • http://facebook Amanda Gilbert

    you set out to murder animals mother nature will strike back no sympathy.

    • applepickers

      Do you eat meat?

  • Coulter Buhler

    I watched a show about a week ago aboutthe dealiest pairs in the world. From watching this i learned the grizzly bears have extemely great smell and can dsmell friend or foes from u pto Twenty miles away. Of course humans being the foe this was not an accident, the bear knew where the people where but decided to go go anywhere. This just proves that you cant just misteriously walk upon a grizzly bear.

  • guest

    Was Bell charged with illegal hunting? I would expect he was but have not seen anything that says…you have to know what you are shooting.

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