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New Zealand Feral Goat

by Brittany Boddington   |  June 24th, 2011 0

The very last day of my stay at Wilderness Quest I really wanted to get a feral goat but we had a bunch of filming to do for the American Huntress TV show and it really wasn’t looking good. We managed to get it all done thanks to the lovely “one take Linda” and set out mid-afternoon, it wasn’t till almost dark that I got my goat. He was at 41 yards when I shot him with the crossbow and made a great heart shot. He just might be the new world number one with a crossbow!! He kind of looks like a Texas longhorn but I love him anyways!

Outfitter: Wilderness Quest New Zealand (It was an awesome trip and I was super sad to see it end!)

Gear: Haley Vines Outdoor Clothing (Those boots are awesome for going through streams and muck)

Weapon: Parker Tornado Crossbow 165 pound draw (I absolutely love shooting this thing!)

Ammo: Blazer Lightning Bolt Arrows with Trophy Ridge solid broad heads 100 grain (They do as much damage as a non-expanding bullet!)

Optics: Zeiss 10×32 Binos and a non-variable Parker scope, Nikon range finder

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