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Deer Pennsylvania Poaching Whitetail

Pennsylvania Poaching Case Involves 172-Inch Record Buck

by Dylan Polk   |  December 14th, 2011 32
Pennsylvania poaching

Photo courtesy of the Pennsylvania Game Commission

When are poachers going to learn that crime doesn’t pay?

One Pennsylvania man didn’t learn soon enough. Scott M. Garner, 33, of Bainbridge faces charges for exceeding the bag limit for antlered deer in a license year by killing a second buck, according to reports.

On Dec. 1, Garner shot a 14-point whitetail in Londonderry Township, Dauphin County. Authorities said Garner re-used and altered a tag from a buck that had been shot on Oct. 31.

In Pennsylvania, hunters are limited to one antlered deer per license year. Had the buck been taken legally, it would have received a Boone & Crockett green score of 172 inches, placing it in the state’s top 25 for typical bucks.

Garner faces 90 days in jail and a fine of $6,500, which is increased due to the antlers’ trophy status. Garner also faces a three-year revocation of his hunting and trapping license.

Join us in our outward hatred of poachers. They suck. Help us explain why in the comments below.

  • David

    Poaching not only makes the shooter look bad, but all hunter's as this will receive national publicity….When one hunter messes us like this we all have to work harder to prove to the non-hunting public that we are not all a bunch of beer-drinking while hunting, trophy-only shooting, law breaking idiots. We are all painted with the same brush no matter how many of us would never think of breaking the law we are all made to look guilty.

  • Jim L

    These guys never get fined enough,slap on the wrist and off they go!
    He should never have a license again,period.

  • Bobby possumcod

    Big deal. The only people that care about "trophy deer" are hunters. You don't see people lined up at the zoo to see the "trophy deer" exhibit. The us deer population of deer is extremely too large. They cause way too many car accidents and are technically a nuisance animal.

    • MDHuntress

      The idea is to take the does that actually reproduce. 1 buck will service every doe in a 3 mile radius. Take out a doe take out several future offspring. Take out a buck, another 1 takes his place. This guy soils the public perception of all of all responsible hunters. And I completely disagree with the idea of over population of deer. It's humans that created the problem. If we quit builing taking the deer's habitat they wouldn't be forced into populated areas where the become a problem. We are doing the exact same to the wildlife that we did to the Native Americans.

      • General Custer

        We did the exact same thing to the Native Americans that the Native American tribes did to other tribes and the same as every society in the history of the world. Look at history. Get off your soap box.

    • Reloader 17

      Unfortunately the Possumcods of this country think they are always right. To many people act on emotions instead of knowledge and then try to force their ideals on everyone else. They are thousands of nonhunters that go through the Bass Pro King of Bucks display evey year. I don't know of a zoo where they are a trophy buck display but if someone opened one the nonhunters would line up to see them. Also your right about the deer vehicle collisions all those slow cars out there with deer running 60 mph across the roads.



  • John K

    Thankfully the article refers to him as only a "poacher". I like the jail time, something that we need to add in Arizona. Since Since Mr. Possumcod thinks there are too many deer in the East, perhaps we can export some of our wolves from Arizona. We have 120,000 people applying for 40,000 tags each year for deer. For elk we have 100,000 people applying for 22,000 tags…Since ther is an overabundance of deer, our Mexican gray wolves could use a trip …. permanently

  • 125Withabow

    :Last year I was hunting for a Pope and Young with a bow. One of the men in our party killed a 7 point with his bow and then a few days later killed a 140 class 9 point with his gun. I had held out on several small deer and he didn't respect the law of only 1 deer per year in Kentucky. It really bothers me that he didn't have the integrity to kill only one buck. I could never be proud of a 2nd trophy buck in a one buck a year state.

    • General Custer

      Did it bother you so much that you turned him in? Or did you just look the other way because he was part of your group? I think I already know the answer to that.

    • Woodswalker

      Hope you turned him IN.

      Individual in our party, years ago, wounded and crippled a doe during a buck-only season…and did it where we could find it JUST out of camp.

      We turned his butt in. Led the gamies to the deer and dispatched it. It went to the homeless shelter.

  • Bobby Possumcod

    poaching smoaching… if we had more people working during the week instead of sitting in a deer stand drinking budweiser our country might not be in the current situation it is in.

    • Ben Petrone

      hey Bobby numbskull .People take vacations to hunt,people hunt on week ends.people who are retired like me after working for 60years like me hunt every day of the season you sound like a anti hunter or a person who just likes to bitch .go find a hobby like crocheting or nitting or maybe basket weaving .Merry Christmas

    • MDHuntress

      Why are you even on the mailing list?

    • Bob

      You are an idiot. You must be talking about yourself.

  • NHHunter

    There are legal ways to shoot multiple deer if you want to. In NH we can get one with a bow, one with a gun, and you can buy special permits to shoot in an area that is over populated. If you really need to do it then do it legally. My husband and I are teaching our son to hunt, and giving him life long lessons. This crap pisses me off as a parent who is trying to teach my child to be responsible.
    I do believe that some states are not strict enough for poaching. I believe that they should loose the gun that was used to kill that animal; along with their license to hunt.

    • Woodswalker

      NHHunter, here in WA a poacher does lose rifle, and often truck, gear etc. One really egregious case resulted in the loss of the rifle used, the jeep, the motorhome (with 5 more longarms in it) and the trailer for the jeep behind the motorhome. this inDUHvidual had cornered around 35 elk in a corner of the elk-fencing and simply shot down all the elk in front of the trophy bull that he wanted. Shot down 5 or 7 elk in addition to the big bull.
      The sheriff had to take him into custody for his own protection while waiting WDFW as he was less than a half mile from a LARGE campground FULL of hunters who were NOT amused.

  • Nancy

    quite the nice fellow, there. Just a FYI, neither I nor anyone I associate with: are jobless, drink, sit in deer stands or whatever drinking, or are otherwise shiftless etc, nor do they poach. Our group of hunters have college educations, are articulate, mindful and respectful of not only game laws, but simple and pure ethics. We are all hunters, bow, crossbow, muzzleloader, modern gun. We are not ashamed of each other and we are proud for the newcomers to the sport when they get their first deer, doe or small buck, or good buck. We respect ourselves, and would ask that you do the same.

  • Bill Padgett Idaho

    stop promoting trophy bucks,even these headlines. a deer is a deer. the fines should be the same. take their weapon , vehicle and license for life. Put their butts in jail. what ever happened to the average hunting show? even this magazine promotes trophy hunting,look at all the pictures. Its a choice. Hunters code of ethics, seems to be mute. You cant eat antlers. If you hunt for antlers or big racks, you miss the point. what are we teaching the young hunters?Not all poachers are hunters, just killers

  • Eddie P

    I applaud those who follow the rules- hunting, marriage, driving, religious. Likewise, i denounce those who don't. If my wildlife commission says I can harvest feral hogs daily, 6 deer a years (2 bucks), 7 trout, etc., then in their educated opinion those limits are for everyone's enjoyment and the species future. If I don't fill my seasonal limit (never have), my miles of hiking and traveling do NOT make me angry or want to break laws. The best punishment for poaching happened out west- for 3 years for the entire hunting season, the poacher spends every day IN JAIL! Enough said.

    • Woodswalker

      Eddie, think that was a case in OR…if its the one i am thinking of….the poacher had a LONG history.

  • tizwicky

    Much adieu about NOTHING! We have more deer in the US than at anytime since the pilgrims landed at Plymouth rock. The next "TROPHY" whitetail is just around the next corner. The fact is that the deer population in the northeast US is becoming a dangerous nuisance. Fine the poacher and suspend his hunting license for five years. Stop trying to criminalize what amounts to a momentary lapse in good judgment by a fellow hunter who was clearly under the influence of BUCK FEVER.

    • shootbrownelk

      Tizwicky, are you for real? Momentary LAPSE in judgement? I once saw a huge 6×7 bull elk while I had only an antlerless elk tag in my pocket, 200 yds away broadside in low sage. I wish I had known about your proposed "Momentary Judgment lapse" when that happened to me. I'm sure as hell-fire glad you're not a judge. As far as your "Trophy around the next corner" statement goes, that was 20 years ago and I have yet to see a Bull Elk that big. You sir, are an Idiot and surely NOT an ethical hunter.

  • MDHuntress

    Humm more deer?? Didn't know the pilgrims did any conservation or wildlife studies and road around counting how many deer there was! In maryland for years we had buck only because we didn't have enough deer. Now we have increased human population so much it isn't that we have too many deer, we don't have enough space for them. In my area there has been a 45% increase in population. These people need to live somewhere, so they build a house on land that once housed deer and all other wildlife. Now these animals need to commute for feed water and bedding areas. Many times this means they need to cross a road. I'm all for population control, but bucks don't control population. Limiting the number of bucks promotes people to shoot does to fill their freezer. Thus lowering future population. Unfortunately this guys "momentary lapse in judgement" is what all of the PETA and HSUS people focus on and judge ALL of us by. If you aren't upset that this idiot has done this to all of us, then you obviously aren't one of us! As for it being a trophy buck, that doesn't matter to me. I haven't found an antler stew recipe yet!

  • Roger Holman

    Thanks to Petersens Mag. for publishing this story.Scoutman.

    • shootbrownelk

      Roger, Petersens Magazine ALWAYS publishes the best stories.

  • Curt

    Everyone here seems to be idiots. Guy takes his one buck. A buck of a lifetime walks by later in the season and he takes it. Yes maybe he got buck fever. Maybe he knew this was the only chance to kill a buck this large. Doesn't mean he didn't respect the animal or the game laws. Let him pay his fine and get off his back. Y'all people are crazy up there.

    • MDHuntress

      What if everyone took that 1 extra. There are over 12 million registered hunters in the US. The US has an estimated whitetail population of 30 million. That would put a dent in it wouldn't it! That is 2 years worth of everyone taking just 1 extra.

    • shootbrownelk

      You sir, are either a poacher or the next thing to it. Try using that "Buck Fever" excuse here in western Wyoming. Or better yet, stay the hell where you are we don't need anymore poaching flat-landers out here.

  • Joseph Vickroy

    Since the GOD DAMNED Tree huggers and Eastern Politicos deemed our circle of life wouldn't be complete until they brought in NON NATIVE SPECIES OF CANADIAN GRAY WOLVES. Our herds of Elk & Deer, along with all domestic livestockh has been literly gutted, As always, after the game is wiped out, The FED'S decide that spending millions on the damn mongrels, they now will have to spend millions more to get some sembelance of control of these killing machines. Our County Sheriffs Office even had a drawing for a new 308 rifle, and real nice shovel. It has the motto "SHOOT, SHOVEL & SHUTUP!!! Idaho, Montana, Wyoming,infested and now they have spread into Washington, Oregon, and just now into Northern California.. We would dearly love to have the problem you have. Treasure every Sport Animal You Have. They could be gone in the blink of an eye!!!

  • Bob

    The guy did not have buck fever.Give me a break. He should not have even been carrying a gun since he already killed a buck in archery season unless he had a doe tag.He took a great deer illegally. He should be fined to the max.Hey Curt, would you feel this way if he killed this deer on your property?

  • shootbrownelk

    Bob, I believe Curt WOULD feel that way. He must be a friend of the poacher in question, or he's cut from the same cloth. A thief who steals wildlife from all the law-abiding hunters who play by the rules.

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