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Remington Model 700 CDL SF LTD

by Ben OBrien   |  May 27th, 2011 2

The Remington Model 700 CDL SF LTD is new for 2011 and is available in 6mm Remington. The SF feature a stainless, fluted barrel and is a limited edition model. The rifle weighs 7.37 pounds and features a 24-inch barrel. Shooters will enjoy improved accuracy via the X-Mark Pro trigger system.

  • Doug Rudisill

    This is great!!! I had a model Seven rebarreled into a 6mm Rem because Remington wasn't making them. The 6mm Rem is a great round and we need more rifles varmint and sporter in them. I also wish someone would make match grade brass for them. My dream varmit rifle would be a heavy bbl 700 with a 7 or 8 twist 6mm Rem!!!!!!!

    • Tom Atkinson

      I wholeheartedly agree, I've been seriously into handguns for many yrs until deciding to purchase a rifle
      for target shooting. My inquiries lead me to the 6mm. As I live in Maryland, a very hot, humid area, I wanted it in stainless with a heavy bbl. At the time Remington listed one in their catalog, but to my dismay, it was in blue. After numerous failed attempts to find one in stainless I gave in and tried to get the blued one, only to find it was a type-O. That's right, Remington discontinued the 6mm altogether!!!
      Well, I ended up buying several rifles (of various makes and calibers) but never a 6mm. NOW, FINALLY, I not only have a chance to get one..but I can own one in the configuration that I want. Thank you Remington for finally waking up, you've been sleeping much to long. NOW MAKE ONE IN A 5R!!!!!! I'll
      gladly buy 2. NO SHIT

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