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Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

by Ben OBrien   |  May 27th, 2011 15

by Aaron Decker

The Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle is a smooth cycling bolt-action rifle that’s a definite head turner. It offers a flash suppressor, picatinny rail, detachable box magazine, recoil pad, accurate sighting system, integral scope mounts, Mauser-type extractor and is “Gunsite approved.” Chambered in .308, the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle weighs 7lbs., and a ten round capacity. MSRP is $995.

  • Karl Graham

    It looks like a nice rifle, but I would like to know the price and what kinds of scopes can be mounted.

    Thanks in advance.

    Karl Graham

  • Joel Dobbs

    I think a aimpoint comp4 would be perfect for this scout rifle. It works great on a ar rifle.

  • Paul Cavage

    If I won the rifle I would put a 2.5x leupold IER scobe.For a mount I would put a mauser 98 mount.I would put a LLS – varmint hunter pro red laser/flashlight.

  • Frank G in Tennessee

    This Ruger is one handsome long gun. The only change would be a shorter magazine just for ascetics, 10 round square “mag” hanging down tends to loose the flowing lines of the weapon. Granted I don’t sling a long gun but wouldn’t the long mag be a pain in the “back”? Having stated that I would welcome the opportunity to hang one on the shoulder. An interesting thought came to mind: Would the Nikon M-233 Laser optics take the “hit” of a 308 hot load for pig? Those little piggys can pop up at all different ranges.

    Joel quick note: I have 3, 9000SC 2 MOA Aimpoints. Personally one of the finest optics available. The reason I didn’t go with the Comp4, all of my scopes are mounted on handguns: The S&W 460 XVR packs a substantial wallop, so I elected to mount with 3 rings the longer tube allowed adequate clearance. The optic was so user friendly I “stuck” with the same units on my TC muzzleloader pistol and S&W 357 mag.


    I would use a trijicon rmr reflex on larue mounts, and if someone came out with a synthetic stock with a spare mag well built into the stock, and a watertight compartment in the butt to store a cleaning kit, I'll be first in line for one. I have owned ar's and bolt action's and to tell the truth i prefer bolt action's for almost any situation. It look's like Ruger has done it again, it looks like another fine rifle at an affordable price. This Scout rifle will be in my arsenal for sure. As to laser's and light's I am not a fan of either, but I can see the advantage's of both in certain situation's that do not involve hunting. Frank if you know the proper way to "sling" a rifle the magazine would not get in the way.

    • Frank G in Tennessee

      Warring P. SIU
      As I stated I'm not a long gun guy, it was a question! Granted I don’t sling a long gun but wouldn’t the long mag be a pain in the “back”? When I do carry a “long gun” (turkey) I place it in a horizontal position, not vertical on the shoulder! I’m not trying to be belligerent here, my main stay is handgun. Again it was for my information with input from the guys that do it. I’m interested in a rifle combo that would work well! Oh buy the way, try hanging a real weapon on your chest and acquire the target as fast “AND HIT IT”, ball is in your court.

  • Dustin DeBell

    Dustin DeBell
    Hunting has been a passion of mine ever since my dad taught me. I believe a good hunt starts with a good weapon and the Ruger looks like that weapon. I dont know what scopes work with this rifle but I would equip a Leupold Mark AP rifle scope attached with a Leupold Mark .4 1''Steel rings, or an Aimport 9000L Red-Dot sight. I would add a Extended Lasser Target Designater attachment for the lasser. I agre with some of the other post about the magazine size, but like how it looks. I would finish the rifle with a black sling and transportation case.

  • Dave Jorgenson

    I would put an EOTech 512 Holographic site with the 3 power magnifier that flips to the side as needed. This would be a great up close or out far set up that wouldn't make the rifle unwieldy. Please send me the left hand version when I win.

  • Ed Kerr

    Personally, I would like to mount a Leupold VX-6 with CDS on the rifle. Leupold is a solid company with solid scopes. My son (who is 16) bought himself a Winchester Model 70 and mounted a VX-3 with CDS on it. I love the "dial and go" capability of the CDS. I've suffered with low quality scopes before, but when I win this rifle, I figure that I can go the extra mile and get a high-quality scope for it.

  • clb

    Heck it has a flash suppressor why not put a bayonet lug on the barrel for those unexpected close quarter hog charges in thick stuff, and add a compartment in the stock for a cleaning rod just in case you drop it in the muck on a hunt.

  • Robdogjeep

    I know Late Jeff Cooper wrote an article back in 1984 about a perfect generial purpose rifle, he wanted a.308 bolt action. Something with a long eye relief in a bolt action, and for it's main purpose to able to shoot qiuckly with both eyes oped, well I believe Strum Ruger came to the plate making this ideal Rifle called Ruger GSR it comes with a comes with a mauser 98 type claw extracter, and a detachable box magazine, that;s what, I would call the Ideal Pig Gun. I f this was my Rifle I would set it up with a scout type scope so I could shoot with both eyes opened my choice, and maybe not the most expensive but consider the best bang for the buck is Leupolds FX-II Scout Scope in 2.5x28mm, just 7.5 oz to keep weight down, and in Gun Metal Grey, that would match up, with Ruger Grey Laminate stockon the GSR, and don't foreget Leupolds flip-up scope lens covers to keep the lens clear, and dry, and for mounts, A quick Release system single mount back to zero, from American Defense, you have to play it safe when pid hunting, you never know when those Open sites maybe needed. And one of those things you may need is some extra rounds, so I like Rifle Cheek Rest and Ammunition Carrier from Midway USA It can carry 5 rounds of your favorite.308, and since were talking bullets I like Corbon in 168. Grain DPX Barnes Tipped Triple Shock X Lead free for severial reasons, I"m a California Native, And we all know that It's has more Gun Law's, than any other state, And now it's going lead free, and thats were my backyard, and were I do most of my Hunting for Pig"s. And lets not forget the sling, In staying in the Light theme of things,a Vero Vellini Air Cushion Sling, in black of course, and since I have never hunted at night, but I hear thats the way to do it in Texas, I would go with a AimShot Green Laser with flashlight mount, Buy Laser Genetics in, nds 18mW that can illuminate obejects up to 250 yards, I think that's more than I need, to cover all that Land, I would be Riding a ATV with four wheel drive if needed, and with a Hunter's Leather Rifle Scabbard Holding my Ruger GSR Scout, Now that Sounds Like a Vacation, we could use.Well I hope you enjoyed some of my pick's, for me, I Like Products that have been proven,and for me Ruger has some of the highest quality products for the everyday Man or woman, and lately has been making some brave move's the GSR Scout Rifle, and now inproving on some of the black rifle guns we all love, This country may be in a recession, But has Ruger figured a way out? I Think So !!! Safe Hunting. Looking foreward for Santa, with my Hog Heaven Scout Rifle:) Thank's alot .

  • Stewart Gillespie

    I would would mount a Nikon 3x9x40 on Nikon base and high rise see through mounts.
    I would use the scope for long shots and sights for close shots.
    My choice of ammo would be Remington Accutip in 130 grain.
    I would have bipod that adjust to 23" and a leather sling(any brand).

  • Mathew Armbruster

    Personally I believe the only way to setup a quality rifle like a Ruger is to top it of with a Leopold scope. If you pair up these to great companies in the end you would see nothing short of perfection. A 3x9x50 would be a superb choice in my mind giving you the versatility every hunter needs in the field. with that scope you would be ready for a 25 yard pop shot out to what ever the person behind the gun is worth, and with the right mixture of sierra match kings and hodgdon powder you could have a real tack driver. with this gun coming in the ever improving, game stopping, bull’s-eye crackin .308 caliber possibilities are endless!

  • Rodney Tate

    This is a beautiful rifle. I love the design. I live in Louisiana and enjoy hunting hogs. I would like to see this rifle offered with a synthetic stock to better handle the wet environment. Since night hunting is now legal, I would like to see more rails to mount a light and/or laser. R

  • JamesRCarter

    Since the Hogs come out into the pasture at night I would set this rifle up like this for extreme night hog hunting!__*I would set this rifle up starting with a Timney Trigger.__*Next I would install a Harris ultralight 6-9" folding bipod on a "Rota-Pod" quick detachable rotating adaptor. (Made in the USA)__*I would then install an original leather quick adjusting "Huntsling" from (Made in USA)__* On the rail I would install a Litton mini light weight night vision scope model (Aquila III) (Made in USA)__* I would then have the folks at Quicksilver manufacturing LLC install a 100% Titanium .308 sound suppressor (Made in USA)____For Day Hog hunting we would have to get a little closer and into the creek bottom! So I would set this rifle up as above except that I would take the sound suppressor and the Bipod off and:__* install an M-14 flash hider with bayonet lug and equip that with an M-6 Bayonet. (For close up work) __* On the top rail I would remove the night vision scope and install a Trijicon RMR for fast moving porkers!__Im just an ex-paratrooper from the 82nd Airborne Division (Now a school teacher) and I could never afford any of these great things but its fun to dream!!!____Good hunting!

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