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Alleged Poachers Face Charges for Illegally Killing 24 Deer

by Dylan Polk   |  November 3rd, 2011 26
Morris 36-point buck

This 36-point buck was the focus of a three-month investigation by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, leading to the arrest of three men for illegally killing 24 deer. (IDNR photo)

Three men face illegal hunting charges for taking two dozen deer, including a 36-pointer that could be a new state record.

According to the Morris Daily Herald, Christopher Kiernan, 45, of Minooka, Ill., Larry Smith, 49, of Williamsburg, Ontario, Canada, and Garret Armstrong, 31, of Avon, N.Y., each face multiple charges after taking the deer outside Morris, Ill, following an 11-month investigation by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Office of Law Enforcement, with assistance from various other wildlife agencies.

Grundy County State’s Attorney Johnathan Bates told The Associated Press that Kiernan had turned himself in and had already been released on bail.

The investigation focused on the 36-point buck, which scored at 261 5/8 inches and was worth about $35,000. Authorities say Kiernan illegally killed the buck on Nov. 1, 2009.

All three face numerous charges for illegally taking deer for the last two years, the newspaper reported, with Kiernan facing 44 criminal misdemeanor charges related to illegally harvesting deer, hunting on land without owner’s permission, falsifying harvest records, and failure to report a kill on the same day as killed and failure to properly tag the deer as required.

Armstrong faces 26 misdemeanor counts, and Smith faces seven.

Bates told the paper that the charges serve as a stern reminder for those with similar intentions.

“I am proud of the hard work of the IDNR law enforcement staff and have a warning to those who choose to hunt illegally: We are watching,” Bates said.

  • bobbyhunter

    hope they go to jail. it cost them alot of money an they never hunt again. like it matters to these clowns. RIDICULOUS.

    • buckcreek10

      I would be willing to bet the nice people don't have licence.If they did they would care more about it.For some reason they think they are etitle to the game that the hunters have restocked.

  • Jeremiah

    Yea but its ok for the DNR to use high powered rifles and shoot all the deer we pay to hunt. What is the difference between these guys and the DNR

    • fastracr11

      Are you out of your mind

    • tbone

      You are out of ur mind

  • chris Moser

    Jury of his peers-Jail time, loss of license for life and fines.

  • James

    Wow and the owner of Elite Archery and a former G5 Executive. Its bad enough when someone poaches, but when you are a member of the professional hunting organizations or the owner of a hunting company, it is just unacceptable! Must be a case of Antler envy of all the true hunters who harvest deer legally!

  • Friend

    Its a dumb deer.Who cares.I say give these boy a pat on the back and buy them a box of ammo!

    • Fred

      wow…that was a red neck comment if ever i heard one…its a dumb deer and a pat on the back to these poachers….really…wow!!!!!

      • ebowhunter

        A comment like that probably came from a pocher as well. Attitudes like that give us honest hunters a bad name. Like PETA and other hunter haters don't do a good enough job let's get some idiots to help out.

        • fastracr11

          I agree. He is probably a poacher too

          • cryoguy1

            No just an idiot! These guys should rot in prison, and I don't mind paying for THEM to sit there. They are everything I teach my kids NOT TO BE.

        • guest

          i agree totally

    • hunter

      its that ignorance that is sending this country in the toilet ethics are gone caring for other people and the respect for the law is gone and you my friend and others like you are whats wrong


    Thats so stupid!! I hope they spend a long time in jail and are never aloud to hunt again it makes all the honest hunters likethat my husband and I look bad!

  • Ian

    They won't stop hunting. They just won't buy a license anymore. How much do they really care to do that in the first place. My six year old son has better ethics than these clowns.

    • hunt365

      these guy hunting spot will be wached over for the rest of their lives,but you would think they would learn a lesson

  • josh

    36 point buck holly deershit thats awesome to bad he couldnt just get a tag he could have gotten paid and put in the paper or even magazines what a dumb shit.

    • nick

      he did Josh, read the article…..that buck was on the front page of Whitetail Magazine….he killed it on private property……just because you have a tag doesn't make it legal. if you kill a deer on private property with no permission, you have killed that deer illegally, no matter what tag you have on him.

  • Cool Vato

    I don't care what anyone says. These guys are SCUM and bring nothing but shame upon other decent, responsible,ecologically aware hunters. These are the SCUM that give the industry a bad name. SCUM like this are why you have anti-hunting groups crawling around out there. No wonder the population of deer,bison,elk,sheep & others have dwindled from their 17th century numbers because of SCUM like this. I say ban them from ever hunting again.

  • arrowkiller

    Dress them up as deer, let them loose in the woods, tell them run to for your life and let us hunt and shot the bastards.

  • Shawn O'Loughlin

    Let me see, in many parts of the country there are deer starving to death or being hit by cars by the dozens every day. Animal over-population is a much bigger problem than taking game "illegally". If this guy bagged a trophy buck on property adjacent to land he had permission to hunt and didn't realize he had gone over the property line it can hardly be called criminal. Not every land owner fences off his entire property. As far as I can see, if the state's wildlife management department determines that 2,000 bucks and 2,700 does need to be killed this hunting season to keep the population healthy, any and all hunting that helps to reduce the herds is not only ethical but necessary. To the anti-hunters out there I pose a question; how would you feel (since that is what you do rather than think) if your parent, spouse or child never came home again because their car collided with a deer, elk or moose at highway speed and they were killed in the collision? It happens a lot more than you think it does. How do you feel about seeing game animals starve in late winter because there are more of them than the region can feed in a particularly cold/snowy season?

    If fewer people are willing to hunt then those that are willing are needed to take more game to control the populations of many species of animals. If this means increasing the number of animals per tag or increasing the number of days in the hunting season then this will need to be done for responsible game management.

    Before the PETA types and the hunters who are quick to drink the "ethics" kool-aid jump to flame my statements, know this… I am not a hunter. I am not an animal "rights" wacko either. I am a realist and do not let emotions cloud my judgment when it comes to decision making. I weigh the facts and make a rational decision.

  • Frank G in Tennessee

    I have read your post 3 times! I’m still not sure if you condone their actions or not. 44 charges is not a one time “oh I made a mistake”. This is wanton poaching period! The taxidermist should be charged to. A 36-point buck would have brought him/them “world wide recognition”. Why not check it in?
    I do however agree with the assessment that many areas are overwhelmed with the large number of deer. They have become a sizable safety hazard everywhere.

  • buckcreek10

    Around private land is the worst place to hit deer. Years ago between Kingsto ,tn and Oak Ridge der was killed on the road all the time .They open it to hunting never hear of it any more!

  • hunt365

    what about kids who are trying to shoot their frist deer.

  • DNR sucks

    I understand that people have to be punished for poaching. But the thing that I don't understand is how citizens get in trouble, but the Game Warden can poach whenever they want, and they do… I live in West Virginia, and I have heard them talking about them illegally hunting and they find it hilarious. But if we were to do it, we are such bad people and they look down on us all.. I think that if we get in trouble for it then they should too.. It is only right…. So I think that something should be done about it, they strut around acting like they are the best and they do the same things that other people do…

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