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Deer Missouri Whitetail

VIDEO: Missouri Whitetail Hunting

by PHTV Adventures   |  August 25th, 2011 6

The rut heats up as Mike Schoby heads to the Show Me State, rifle in tow, to experience Missouri whitetail hunting.

  • David

    One of the things I miss most about moving to Illinois is rifle season!!

    • shootbrownelk

      You mean Other than your second ammendment rights?

  • http://windows7 Ben Petrone

    I get a kick out of the modern day hunter they have more toys and unneeded equipment ,I have been deer hunting for over 60 yrs and all i bring in the woods with me is my Savage 110L in 270, a knife a rope and maybe a sandwhich or a piece of fruit ,Oh and a cell phone as if i need help with a downed deer. but to make up for a bad back i go back to get my quad ,yrs ago i would either drag it out or put it on my back in a fireman type carry wirh its feet pegged to make a back pac type carry.That is when i was young and in shape but at 75 yrs old i make up for the ageing with a quad.

    • Ron H

      So what's your point? I guess I don't get it. O it's your cell phone, Quad and Savage. I thought you may have a flint lock smoke pole, and use a grape vine for rope.

  • Roger Holman

    Thanks Mike for sharing your hunt,Mating season has begun here in S.C. Auto.drivers have been warned to slow down and proceed with caution.I am going in the morning to see if i can get hooked up.Roger

  • Roger Holman

    Sat for three hours, saw nothing.Going in the morning to dog drive for deer and hogs. Our club has killed over 50 hogs ytd.Over 20 deer.Roger

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