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VIDEO: Rage Introduces 2 New Broadheads

by Melissa Bachman   |  January 15th, 2012 4

Rage introduced two new broadheads at the ATA show in Columbus, Ohio this week.  The new Rage Extreme has a 2.3-inch cutting diameter and no longer uses O rings but instead uses a shock collar that keeps the blades in place.  For more, checkout Melissa’s video featuring all the details and an up close and personal look at this great new design.

  • Michael Brown

    Will both of these work with crossbows?

  • Tom Addleman

    If they are anything like the current model, then no. Unless you like poor penetration, cheap materials and the blades popping out in flight.

    • brad

      I have used Rage Blades for 3 seasons and have never had a failure once. I have recovered every deer I have shot with my Rages no exceptions, not the next day, not the next week, but with in 2 hours of the shot!!! I will continue to shoot Rages cause it not a blood trail its a blod highway!! Enough said about that and you can use whatever broadhead you want.. just hunt! Good Luuck next season to all.

  • Huda

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